How to make a floating shelf – Pro Tips

Have you ever considered making your shelf? Sometimes, pieces of furniture available in the market are simply not suitable for all of us who want a dose of specificity in our home. Interesting things, such as unique vintage pieces, are hard to find nowadays when factory production has taken off. The industrial revolution has undoubtedly brought many advantages to the world of today, but it has taken away some of our creativity and individuality, we must admit.

So what are floating shelves? When it comes to this type of the shelves, you are not able to see the brackets, so in that way, it creates the illusion that they are floating in the air leaning against the wall. Of course, the holders are just out of sight. This shelf model is becoming more and more popular and looks good because sometimes holders know how to spoil the look of the shelves.

They are a great choice because they are highly customizable and indeed an integral part of any home. They can be part of any room. In the living room and study room, they can serve as bookshelves, a place for storage of picture frames, candles, a small pot with flowers, for little decorative things and similar. In a kids room, it can be a perfect place for holding kids books, smaller toys and everything toddlers are supposed to reach. In the kitchen, they can also be more purposeful. Shelves can serve as a place to hold cooking spices, a coffee and tea cups, even any decoration related to the cooking topic. In basements and garages is an ideal place to store tools and all the little and unnecessary things that do not have their place in the house. On the terrace, they look beautiful, combined with flowers.

For a start, decide which room you want your floating shelf to be in and what purpose it might have. After that, it would not be a bad idea to sketch what it should look like. Shelves can be of any shape and style. They can be L-shaped, you can place only one, and there can be several, in any case, it looks beautiful and is very practical. The sketch does not have to look professional at all. It needs to be a guide for you to know how much material you need to buy, even with the ease of installation. The sketch should make it easy for you to know how many wood planks there will be to know how many boards you need to buy, and accordingly screws, dowels and holders.

You can always decide to buy a store-bought shelves or kits along with other material, and in this case, the whole process is much more straightforward. All you have to do is to buy the material, and in that case, you don’t need the sketch. But if you want to use your creativity, then it is up to you to buy the regular wooden plank, and prepare it yourself so that it can be shelved at the end of the process. There are many types from which shelves can be made. There are various wooden planks from different trees, such as beech, fir, pine, oak, linden, and similar. The options allow you to choose whether you want full wood and what colour, and then decide which wooden plank to buy.

Next step, after you do the sketch and you choose what type of wooden plank you want, you need to decide how many screws, dowels and holders is necessary. Then, go to the store and buy what is required.

You gonna need some tool such as drill, ruler, pen pencil, hammer, hand saw or circular saw, woodworking or miter saw, emerald, trowel and in the end If you want to have your shelves in different colour you are going to need the paint and tool for painting. You can always decide to change the colour and find what fits the best.

You need the ruler and pencil to mark on the wall where you will make holes and the drill bit to punch the wall. The holes must be straight in order for the shelf to fit properly and look beautiful. Use the drill to create the initial holes for the dowels and then hammer them into the wall so that they do not protrude.

Hand saw or circular saw, woodworking or mitre saw, emerald, the trowel is needed to prepare the wooden planks. Some things you might have, some things you might not. When it comes to the machines, that is rare, but hand tools are generally an integral part of every home. When the wooden shelf planks are prepared, trimmed and painted as needed, with holes marked on the wall and pierced, it is time to install the holders on the wall and and to add the wooden planks itself.

If you are very creative, these types of shelves can also be made of old wooden boxes, wine bottle crates, small barrels, most unprocessed wood planks of different lengths and stack them in any shape. They can also be in the form of a triangle, a square, or even any unusual structure. Even old wooden ladders can be used for this project.

In any case, what matters most is your idea, what you need and what you want to accomplish. After that, without the necessary tools, free time and goodwill, you will not be in a position to complete the project effectively.

If you are an expert, in this case, you can make something much more complicated, with more style and different shape. In this case, you would not even read this article, but you would know in advance all the necessary steps. However, enjoy the process, be creative and do something that will serve you and be proud of because you made it yourself.

Play music on the radio. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy your work. Handmade work brings satisfaction.


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