Floating pool lights Color Options

If you are considering different ways of decorating your yard with new floating pool lights, there must be several reasons for it. At least, you came up with a creative solution. Of course, the first prerequisite is to have a pool at all. But floating pool light can give such a touch, especially when there is some special occasion happening around, it can bring up decoration on a different, higher level.

If you want a high intensity of colors, then you should think about how many floating pool lights I should use. Most of the lights are dimmed lights so that it will create a pleasant atmosphere. Keep in mind that even if you buy the best floating pool lights, they have their life span, you should know how long do floating pool lights last.

If you take a quick look at Amazon.com, you will realize that more or less, a lot of options give a chance do choose the light color from the remote controller. Some more simple options will be in the shape of a candle or a flower and will be able to produce light in only one color. So, we are going to present to you a few options from the website that we think will be the right solution for you. All the options have good feedbacks from satisfied customers.

MAXMIKO LED Floating Pool Lights

First of all, even tho the name od this light is floating pool light, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. That is the biggest advantage of this light. When winter comes, and the pool cannot be used anymore, just place the lights around the house, make a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere in your home during the whole year. Who doesn’t like a romantic note in their living room or bedroom? For this model, you don’t need any type of batteries. This is a solar light. It needs to be placed on the sun during the sunlight, and at need, it will be activated and whatever you want to be illuminated. It has a double layer membrane that makes it more durable, and the light can serve as a ball in some pool games. It is 14inches globe which you can place in the pool, around the pool, on the pond, in the yard, or inside. It can serve as a party light, or for holidays. It can be folded easily, which makes it very practical when you are traveling. Then, these balls have a strap on each, which means you can hang it somewhere at any point. Even better, you can make a beautiful decoration in the yard when you don’t want to use the pool. Just hang them whenever they work fine. LEDs are waterproof, and it is good not just for pools, you can use it in the ponds, spa’s, baths, hot tubs, patio, balcony, terrace, outdoor festivals, etc. Besides the sunlight, where it needs to stand from 8 to 10 hours, you can charge the lights by USB. In that way, it will take only two hours for full charging. If the lights are fully charged, it can last up to 8 hours during the night.

You can choose between 7 different colors and three change color effects. You can always set to one color and in that way to adjust the lighting to the theme atmosphere you want to achieve. Don’t bother to set each lamp separately, with the help of a remote, you can control everything. The colors are red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, and white. The modes are strobe mode, flash mode, and a solid mode. It is not a bad solution for bars, restaurants, etc. Not just for home use.

Floating Pool Lights, Battery Powered Floating Flowers

Imagine having this floating pool lights as a part of your wedding reception or party in the yard. It would look very stunning. Or, have these lights in the pool every night to give yourself a SPA relaxation effect. Anyway, you can use it for parties and for yourself and your household. The lights are color changing and over 4 inches big. They have lithium batteries each, so that meant you need to take them outside water to switch them off. But it is worth it in comparison with how beautifully it can illuminate your pool. The flower is Lotus, and it is made of quality foam material, and the colors are vivid, and it won’t wade away in the water. The battery can be replaced at any point, which will make them serve you much longer then you thought. It can make a color transformation, and it can provide several colors. The colors are red, green, blue, purple, yellow, white, and cyan. When you put a new battery inside, the light can last for 100 hours.It is an excellent addition if you might have a pond in the yard. Because these floating lights are small in size, we do recommend buying a few boxes, even if your pool is small because this type will hardly illuminate your pool if is only a few inside the water.

Intex Floating LED Pool Light, Solar Powered with Auto-On at Night

This model of floating pool lights has two lighting modes. It has white mode and smooth color changing mode. The addition is auto on/off, and it a solar light. That means it should be on the sunlight during the day if you want it to illuminate your pool during the night. It can be around two hours on a shut off in static mode and five hours shut off in color change mode. When the light detects that it is dark outside, it will turn on by itself. It has a built-in rechargeable battery. When it is fully charged, it will last up to five hours. This light is perfect if you like to swim at night, play volleyball, or just around the pool for a little while. If you are a sports type, this is a perfect lighting four you. Just add a few pieces inside, and it will be perfect.


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