How many floating pool lights should I use

Floating pool lights became very popular in recent years, and there is a reason for it. Who doesn’t like using their own pool in the late afternoon when there is almost no sunlight or at night. Everyone needs a break from busy days, any type of stress, or just for pure hedonism, to give yourself an hour or two of full pleasure in the cozy environment. Usually, pool owners install pool light while building the pool, or they have someone to fix it. But that doesn’t matter, who doesn’t like an extra color light around to create a particular atmosphere. How many floating pool lights you should use is a question where there is no simple answer. It depends on so many factors.

What kind of factors you should consider

  • The first factor is the size of your pool. You cannot but too many floating lights if you have a small pool, that’s not going to be functional, and it is not going to look beautiful.
  • The second factor is the purpose. Think about the use of buying new floating lights. Is it just to enjoy in the evenings, for you and your family? Or there is a party, and you want to decorate your pool? Maybe there is a wedding coming soon, and you want to decorate your garden by buying new floating lights. Anyway, how many floating lights you should buy depends on the purpose itself, also.
  • The third factor is the effect. Think about what kind of effect you would like to achieve. If it is only for decoration for a party, then you know your purpose, and in relation to the theme and type of party, you should decide on a number of floating lights. If it is only for pure enjoyment and hedonism, then think about what kind of atmosphere you want to have every night when you go outside to relax in the pool or around it. Maybe you like a romantic atmosphere; then we suggest just a few dammed floating lights. Or in case you don’t mind vibrant and intense colors and compelling lighting, then compare it to the size of your pool and buy a number of floating lights, but don’t let it affect the functionality of using the pool itself. How can you swim or dive if it is too many lights inside?
  • The fourth factor is other types of lightening in the yard. If you don’t have any type of lightening in your yard already and that is a reason for buying floating lights, then you can buy too many, and some of the floating lights you can place around the pool and some inside the pool. In that way, you will put a focus on the pool, create a good atmosphere, you will be able to see more than good, and it will raise your mood for sure. It will not affect the functionality of using the pool. If there is some light already in the garden or yard, then you should think about should you match the floating lights with existing light in the yard, or you don’t mind having different colors in your pool. In case there are too many lights in the garden, then you should buy just a few floating pool lights.
  • The fifth factor is the level of lightening you would like to achieve. Of course, that is connected with everything we mentioned above, the purpose, the effect, the comparison with other lights in the garden, and for sure, with the size of your pool.
  • The sixth factor is the shape of your swimming pool. This is also a very important factor to consider. If your pool is not in a simple rectangle or square shape, then you have something to think about. If you have some unused corners of the pool, that would be the best place to place your new floating pool lights. Also, based on the shape of the pool, you can find the lights that will match with the shape of the pool, why not?
  • The seventh factor is the size and the shape of the floating pool lights itself. There are so many different sizes, materials, shapes, and colors on the market today. If you have wonder how you will make the right choice, then we can help you with that, we would like to mention what you should put your focus on. First thing, match the shape with the floating pool light with your taste. You are not going to buy this type of lighting every day, so pay attention to all choices and find something you really like. Second, match the color with the purpose of the lighting. If it is only for a decoration for a party, then you should match it to the theme of the party and atmosphere you would like to create. Based on that, wisely choose the right colors. If it is only for you and hours household members, then it depends on what colors you all like. Third thing, select the material you think it will last long. And finally, the fourth thing, the size of floating pool light. That is maybe an essential thing which is in a correlation with a question of how many lights you should buy. If your pool is small in size, but you want a big floating light, then one, two, or three lights will be enough. On the other side, if you want more lights to fit in your pool, then you should buy more then two or three lights, but in this case, the lights must be small. If you have a big swimming pool, then there is nothing to think about besides what do you think will look better, small floating pool lights, or the bigger ones.

As you can see, there is no simple answer to the question of how many floating lights you should buy. Think about everything we have talked about, and you will get your answer. If you are buying floating lights only for decoration purposes, then you must know all floating pool lights color options, so you can make the best choice ever. Even the best floating pool lights will not last forever, so keep that in mind while making a choice on buying a certain number of it. It depends on how long floating lights can last.


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