Cute Shelf Decorations – Ideas For Your Walls

shelf decoration ideas

When we think of decorating an apartment, one of the essential elements that enhance the space, contributing to a higher style is the items with which the interior gets a special note. Do the seemingly most simple things always turn out to be the hardest? Like decorating shelves. It works so easy until you start, and then you find yourself in front of empty shelves wondering what to pack and how. Books are, of course, something you will put, but without boxes, framed pictures, decorative vases, bowls, figures, saints and other accessories, styling will not be complete. We’ll give you some tips on how to combine it all to get that “like in the picture” look.

First, start with the objects that take up the most space – large picture frames, large vases, trays, large decorative boxes or groups of books, plates etc. You can always group books by colour, content and size and place them horizontally or vertically, though more the books can stop if you arrange them vertically. You can also use those decorative books holders. These will be the objects that will first come into your eyes. You will position everything else in relation to them. If you are planning to decorate small shelves, we do not advise large items, in this case, to avoid damaging them. 

You can then add framed photos or pictures. Arrange them in layers, or just one on each shelf, or only one shelf, or make some geometric shape for their placement in total. You can put those small photo frames on a stack of horizontally mounted books, and, or in the corners of large frames. And then you can add scented candles and scent sticks. If you have wooden picture frames, scented sticks with a wooden stand would be a perfect fit. Today the assortment of candles on the market is enormous, so you will surely find something to your liking. If you would like to take candles purely for decoration, then make sure to colour and size as well as shape to match the overall look. And if you wish to neutralize the scent of a room with one such candle, then neither colour nor shape matters but the smell you want to prevail in the place.

You can always buy upper case letters and place them on top of your shelves or the top ones depending on the design. It can be your own, your partner’s or your children’s names, they can only be initials combined with symbols, and in contrast your favourite quotes or words such as love, peace, friends and the like. It must be something you enjoy, something that will attract attention and focus and put a smile on your face every time you see it.

Make compositions of vases, figures and other objects based on their height and style and start filling in the gaps in the shelves. You can make compositions of two or three objects. Or if the gaps don’t bother you, minimalism is always a good option. If the shelves are in the living room, or the bedrooms, in that case, it would be beautiful to buy some smaller plants that do not require much care and maintenance and will contribute to the overall appearance and oxygen in the room. This type of decoration is the best option for offices. While many people are in the habit of turning their workplaces into stalls and warehouses with tons of books, papers, and folders on their shelves, the best replacement is to go to individual drawers and keep your shelves in a minimalist style. The office will look clean and tidy.

Think about the colour layout and materials of these items that you place: metal, gold, silver, porcelain, wood, glass, ceramics and the like. If you have golden or enamel objects, arrange them evenly and do not group them all in one place, they will look too aggressive, for example. Look at the shelves as a whole when decorating, so feel free to add or remove or add an item until you feel balanced and you don’t like what you see.

When it comes to children’s rooms, shelves like these are very practical. Young children will not be able to retrieve what’s in there, contributing to the tidiness of the room given the amount of plastic toys, cuddly toys, books, figures and everything else that is contained in one child’s room. For those shelves near the bed, the best option is to put books that are read at bedtime.

When it comes to kitchen shelves, the hardest part is to make the right combination and decoration that is beautiful and functional at the same time. We all know how many different things are in one kitchen. There are so many different cups, spices, winter jars, jam, honey, all mixed nuts, oats, muesli and the like. Each jar contains all of the above, and when taken into account, the number is enormous. We recommend that you put decorative salts and jars with nuts, oats and muesli on visible shelves, and on the slightly less noticeable, everything else—sort by functionality, from what you use most often to what you use the least.

In the end, we leave the most practical advice. We are sure you have rooms that are a pantry for everything you need and don’t need, everything you don’t want to be seen in other rooms. In such places, practicality is most necessary so that you can manage and at any moment find what you need. If you buy or build shelves for such rooms, make sure they are wide and that you can put away whatever is required. Mostly, these are bathroom and kitchen cleaning products, different boxes, from the clean laundry to spare groceries from the supermarket that you will need at all times when you consume what’s in the kitchen.

The decoration is desirable in any room as it will allow you to navigate through your home quickly and will contribute to the atmosphere and appearance of the room.


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