How to make your own shower curtain

make shower curtain

After searching and choosing for the perfect shower curtain, you realized that neither is an excellent match for your needs. Maybe you want to be creative and do it by yourself, or you want to be more economical; either way, creating your shower curtain have many advantages. Custom curtains are the best value for money. You will personalize your bathroom interior and get the functionality. If you have extra free time, you have the necessary skills and ability, why not? Many people prefer to create their products than to buy one from the market or store. In case you decided on creating by yourself, there are several things you need to keep in mind and to follow some steps while making it. 

The first step is to take measurements. It depends on the type and size of your shower cabin or bathtub. The main feature is that the curtain should extend between two walls and be extended to the floor. In case you have extra space, and you want an L-shaped curtain, keep in mind that it is measured differently and you will need a slightly larger curtain, more precisely you will need little bit more material to cover all open ports. 

The second step is choosing the right material, fabric or vinyl one. There are various materials you can choose from. Fabric one can be in polyester, nylon, microfiber, blend, silk, satin, canvas, organic cotton, etc. If you are looking for an easy option, vinyl curtains are easy to maintain. Both options can be hand washed, or you can use the washing machine or a combination of both. It is essential to find what you like and what fits the best.

After deciding on the right material, find what pattern or color will suit your bathroom the best. You can choose between different colors, and those are very simple, and they look more elegant and stylish. The other ones have prints on, and that can look interesting and funny.

There are two ways. First one is to find a pre-made curtain and to instal it, the second one is to make it by yourself. 

In this case, after selecting and purchasing the material, you will need some accessories. Tailoring scissors, needles, thread, sewing machine and iron are the essential accessories needed. After you determine the size, cut the necessary material with scissors, fold the top of the stuff about 4 inches, and flatten. Then repeat the process. This varies from fabric to fabric. If the material is very light, it is advisable to apply the upper edge to the top to stabilize and maintain the weight of the curtains. The same procedure applies to the lower part of the curtain. Instead of 4 inches, it is advised to be 2 inches. When the top and bottom parts are done, the material is almost ready.

After selecting and preparing the material, the third step is to decide on the type of design. You can choose between a curtain that has magnets and suction cups, grommets with hooks, or to be hookless with rings. Magnets and suction cups are very simple to instal, compare to other options. When it comes to grommets, hooks and rings, you can find those ones which fit your decor. To hang them on, you are going to need bathtub curtain rod – bathtub curtain holder. 

There are different curtain rails, and they differ in the choice of models and shapes, colours and finishes. The primary division is between those who require the drilling of the wall and those who do not. The second option is a vacuum model, and the first is much more resilient, will last longer and is in many ways a better choice for all those families with small children among their members. In this case, the tool will require a drill, dowels and screws. If you are creating an L-shaped curtain, keep in mind that the bar must be adjusted to the same shape.

There is one more thing when it commands to grommets and rings. You will need to make holes on your material so that you can put grommets or rings. You can leave holes itself without inserting grommets, it will save you some time, but it won’t look professional. Adding is a straightforward job. Mark the fabric where you want to add, the distance between them must be identical. Usually, it goes twelve holes in one curtain. You will need a thundering set of tools that come with a mechanism to drill holes in the material to be the same size. The kit you can buy in various markets, and it should also include a metal cylinder, so it all makes it easier for you to install. 

The whole process should not take too much time, and it is only crucial that you have the right tool and that you are precise because all the holes must be the same size.

When all decisions are made, all measures are taken, all the material is bought, and prepared, the next step is to instal your own shower curtain and to enjoy the process.

To sublimate, depending on the material and design itself, all of the above will require a meter to measure, a sewing machine, scissors, iron, pins, thread, drill, screws, dowels, hooks, grommets, rings, bar, creativity and good willpower and of course necessary skills.

Go step by step, take the time you need, equip yourself with the necessary tools and good mood. Make decisions based on your needs and measures. Remember to maintain basic hygiene since shower curtains are known for being bacteria and mould habitats due to the high level of moisture in the bathroom. Products such as soaps and shampoos are also easily retained on your curtain. Cleaning the curtain once per month will keep you safe.

The whole process is not complicated and at the end, and you are going to be able to admire your work. The bathroom will be more functional, and it will look fresh and stylish.


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