How to build bathroom shelves

How many times have you shouted, “alas, I forgot the hairdryer” or “how good it would be if everything were in one place,” it may be the right time to end that kind of nerve tearing finally. How much time do you spend in the bathroom each day? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour? Or even longer? Now consider what your bathroom looks like. Probably pretty simple. There are lots of easy ways to add a little style to your bathroom. The bathroom is an oasis of peace for some, and a place to escape from the problems, moments of hedonism and isolation necessary to connect with yourself. It isn’t unusual to spend hours in a bathtub, read a book in a jacuzzi, or spend a lot of time in front of a mirror. Some people love it. However, often we all more or less have complaints that it is not functional enough, either because of its size or other objective defects. But enough with the excuses, the small square footage of the bathroom is just another in a series of bad excuses for a poor organization. Imagination and DIY tips can be of great help to bring the comfort of your bathroom to a higher level so that all your toiletries are in the same room.

Shelves are an indispensable element of every room, including the bathroom. We will now present you with some creative ideas on how to give your bathroom a new look, beautify it, eliminate any dysfunction, and make it a more organized place. In the previous text, we talked about how to decorate the shelves themselves. In most cases, in every bathroom, one wall is almost entirely unused. Therefore it is a convenient place to build a shelf where almost everything will be at your fingertips without unnecessary clutter and going to another room to find what you need at that moment. Based on your needs, you should know that there are several types of bathroom shelves. At the very least, all you need is some sense of creativity and effectiveness, a few hours, the essential tools, and, of course, the most important – motivation.

Here are some suggestions

1. Floating shelves

You are going to need some tools such as a drill, ruler, pen pencil, hammer, hand saw or circular saw, woodworking or miter saw, emerald, trowel. If you want to have your shelves in a different color, you are going to need the paint and tool for painting. You can always decide to change the color and find what fits the best. You need the ruler and pencil to mark on the wall where you will make holes. The holes must be straight for the shelf to fit correctly and look beautiful. Use the drill to create the initial holes for the dowels and then hammer them into the wall so that they do not protrude. Hand saw or circular saw, woodworking or miter saw, emerald, the trowel is needed to prepare the wooden planks. Some things you might have, some things you might not. When the wooden shelf planks are prepared, trimmed, and painted as needed, with holes marked on the wall and pierced, it is time to install the holders on the wall and to add the wooden planks itself. If you are very creative, these types of shelves can also be made of old wooden boxes, wine bottle crates, small barrels, most unprocessed wood planks of different lengths and stack them in any shape. They can also be in the form of a triangle, a square, or even any unusual jars for sorting small items. Even old wooden ladders can be used for this project.

2. Jars for sorting small items

Home glass jars are an interesting solution for storing and organizing smaller items like all types of brushes, cotton wool, earbuds, bobby pins, etc. You can attach them to a board near the mirror, so they are at your fingertips when you need it. For this alternative, you need paint, jars, clamps, screws, drills, and dowels. This type of shelves is especially suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Step # 1

Cut the wooden plank or board according to the dimensions you like.

Step # 2

Paint the board in the color you want, making sure it fits into the overall interior of your bathroom.

Step # 3

Determine the position of the jars – determine the screw hole in the middle of the jar.

Step # 4

Determine the position at which you attach the board. Drill holes in the board and then on the wall or door, depending on your idea. When you have done this, slide the dowel between the two holes and screw in tight enough to be stable.

Step # 5

Install the clamps that are used to secure the jars. 

3. Wooden crates

The most common wooden fruit storage crates can also serve as perfect shelves for storing all your bathroom supplies. Very simple, and with a little investment, you can get a pretty good solution. You are going to need the crates, the drill, the dowels, and the paint.

Step # 1

Paint the crates according to the colors customized for your interior.

Step # 2

Drill two holes at the back of the crates, but keep in mind that the gap between the holes must is adequate to allow the crates to have a secure center of gravity when it is hanged on the wall.

Step # 3

In this step, you need to drill holes in the wall. Remember, you need to make the same gap between the holes as it on the crates.

Step # 4

Thread the dowel through the holes in the crates and the wall, then screw it till the end, and it is done.

For the end

These were just some of the ideas, and there are many possibilities for building bathroom shelves. If you did not like our suggestions, we hope we have encouraged you to be innovative and creative. Take the functionality and organization to a higher level, create a true oasis of peace in your bathroom to help you relax after a busy day.


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