Types Of Bathroom Shelves

You realized that your oasis of peace called the bathroom needs extra organization because you have a lot of things that don’t have its place. We agree, when an organization is at a low level, it can be quite frustrating, so everything must always have its place for better functionality. But what to do when you are unable to arrange all the things in your nicely? The simplest solution is to buy or make your own bathroom shelves. If you do not know how to build bathroom shelves, then we advise you to go to the nearest shop and choose something that will be the best fit for the design of your bathroom, as well as the complete decoration. There is a very large selection of bathroom shelves on the market today, so it can sometimes be difficult to make the right decision about what shelf we should buy. Before deciding on the type of shelf you will buy, you should be informed about the types of bathroom shelves so that you do not make the wrong choice at the end.

Some people are lucky, so they have large bathrooms that can fit enough bathroom furniture to place all their cosmetics, towels, and bathroom cleaners. While other people who have small bathrooms, or medium-sized bathrooms, have a problem organizing all the things that are in the bathroom nicely and adequately. In this case, whenever you clean this corner of the house, it will again look messy because of the many things inside that do not have its place. So, good organization is very important if it is due to its practicality and functionality, as well as its appearance. After you buy or make bathroom shelves, you need to know how to decorate bathroom shelves, so everything is in place, and you can enjoy that little oasis of peace. To understand how to choose the right bathroom shelves that will fit in your bathroom, you need to know what about all types of bathroom shelves that exist.

Types by position

1. Bathroom floor shelves

This type of bathroom shelf is the perfect choice for anyone whose bathrooms are medium in size. Since they will take up a little space, they are not recommended for small bathrooms. This type of shelf is perfect because it can fit a lot of things. You can place them next to the toilet, next to the sink, or in a separate corner that is empty and in which you have nothing. If you position them next to the toilet or sink, do not forget to add a basket in which you can put toilet papers and several magazines.

2. Wall shelves

Wall shelves are the best option for anyone with small bathrooms. However, this option is suitable for any type of bathroom, but if your bathroom is very small, then floor shelves are by no means recommended. Wall shelves can be different. You can place them next to the mirror, above the tub, above the toilet, on any part of the wall that is free. The most significant advantage of this type of shelves is that it will not take up space in your bathroom. If you decide on this type of shelf, keep in mind that it would be best to have at least two. The first is to be above the tub so that all body, face and hair care products are in one place while taking a shower, and it is not a bad idea to put a towel in there as well. Keep the second shelf next to the mirror, and you can put on it various facial and body creams, perfumes, makeup, and everything else you do not need during the shower, but it must be in the bathroom.

Types by material

1. Wood and white wooden bathroom shelves

Wood is a material that is known for its durability and is therefore highly prized and used in the construction of most furniture. Wooden shelves will not fit nicely into just about every bathroom, but it will last for years. If the interior is such that this type of shelf fits smoothly, then you can decorate them to look divine. White wooden shelves will fit in just about every bathroom. They are the best choice if you want this material.

2. Glass bathroom shelves

Glass shelves will give your bathroom a touch of luxury and refinement. Glass is an inexpensive material that opens up the whole space in a certain way. Remember that the Glass is prone to breakage and needs to be cleaned frequently.

3. Ceramic bathroom shelves

Ceramics are a very durable material. Shelves made of this material will fit nicely in most bathrooms. The material is easy to maintain and can withstand very high temperatures.

4. Teak bathroom shelves

Teak is a type of wood that is often used to make high-end furniture. The most significant advantage of this material is that it is resistant to dry rot. Wooden shelves like this will last you forever.

5. Metal bathroom shelves

Metal is a material that is very durable and easy to clean. If you choose metal, know that there are a large number of shelves made of metal on the market, so you will find something you will like. Metal bathroom shelves will fit neatly into any design, especially those bathrooms that are modern in design.

6. Wire bathroom shelves and baskets

If you decide on this solution, know that it is the cheapest and the easiest to clean and slow to dirty. The shelves made in this way are generally floor shelves and are very durable.

7. Plastic bathroom shelves

In general, plastic furniture is valued for being inexpensive, flexible, lightweight, and resistant to breaking. If you choose plastic shelves for your bathroom, keep in mind that it is easy to clean, and it is strong enough to store so many different things. (but not at the same time)

Other types

Bathroom shelves can be divided into shape and design. There are no basic categories to classify these types of shelves because since the world is holy, people are creative, so there are so many different shapes of bathroom shelves.


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