How to Decorate Bathroom Shelves

Our bathroom should be our oasis of peace, besides serving its primary purpose. For your bathroom to become that oasis of peace, you need to decorate it in a way that will create a peaceful and lovely effect. A crucial part of the decoration is a good organization. Of course, the fact that you like minimalism or not plays an important role, but in any case, the key is in balance. Keep in mind that everything in your bathroom should have its place so you can quickly get around and find whatever you need. Since there are many things in our bathroom, it would be nice to have some bathroom shelves. If you haven’t had them before, do you know how to build bathroom shelves and what type of bathroom shelf you need? That will allow you to have the most beautiful and most straightforward organization of everything in your bathroom. But the question is, what you could put on those shelves, and how to decorate them. Below we will provide some examples of bathroom shelf decoration to make your bathroom your oasis of peace.

Organize all your cosmetics

To make it easier to find a particular shampoo (or anything else for cosmetics), you need to make a good organization of all cosmetics. Keep all cosmetic products in one part of the shelf for washing and maintaining your hair, such as shampoos, conditioners, sprays, creams, hair masks, and the like. Dedicate to the other part of the shelf for face care cosmetics. That includes all face masks, creams, tonics, makeup removers, etc. All body care cosmetics, such as shower gels, body lotions, body oils, or shower oils, as well as massage oils, shaving foam should have its corner on one of the shelves. So when cosmetics are organized, it will be more comfortable and faster for you to get into your bathroom and find what you are looking for. You can also do sub-organization and arrange each separately based on the sizes or colors of those cosmetic packaging.

Use different jars

Using jars for organizational purposes is a great idea, practical, and will also add to the beauty of the bathroom. You can use different jars or pots, or they can all be the same. You can buy the most commonly transparent glass jars with glass lids, and you can also find decorative jars that will fit into the entire bathroom décor. There is a massive selection on the market today, so you will surely find what you like. You can put inside the cotton wool, ear sticks, paper wipes, and all the little things that get lost in the jars, like bobby pins. The jars on the shelf in the bathroom can look very modern.


Who says that there are no needs for the plants in the bathroom? Of course, no one should not overdo it, but one to two plants on the shelves can beautify your bathroom. As we already know, plants contribute to the formation of oxygen, which will make it easier for you to feel more relaxed in your bathroom. If there is enough space on your shelves, add one or two plants to see what effect it leaves. It is not the worst thing in the world, even if the plants are plastic.

Organize all your makeup

You need to arrange all your makeup as well as brushes, not only for more delightful decoration and easier handling but also for your health. You put makeup on your face, and we all know that the bathroom, no matter how clean it looks like to you, is a source of bacteria. Accordingly, you never leave your makeup just anywhere in your bathroom, as you will put it on your face at some point. Take one bag and put all the products inside, and buy some plastic or glass vase or container in which you will put all the brushes.

And where is the toilet paper

No one, no one really goes to the store and buys one roll of paper. People usually buy a pack of ten or more rolls of paper and then come to their house and don’t know where to put it. For better decoration and easier organization, you can always buy metal nets and put away your toilet paper there. Of course, if you have enough space on your shelves.


If you want to create your oasis of peace, it would not be a bad thing to buy a few candles. These can also be scented candles, and therefore your bathroom will always smell sweet, and it can be the most ordinary candles. Imagine filling your tub with water at the end of the day, turning off all the lights and lighting a few candles around the tub. Doing it will create the effect of being in a spa, it will help you relax after a busy day, and if the scented candles are at stake, you will enjoy it even more. A few colored candles that fit the entire bathroom décor would be the best choice.

Arrange your towels

Keep a few towels always nicely organized in your bathroom. There are many ways you can bend your towels to look beautiful and fit them as much as possible on one shelf. Who likes to go to another room when he or she needs one towel? Imagine stepping in to take a shower after a busy day, and you forgot to take a towel from another room, frustrating, right? This way, your towels will always be at your fingertips all the time.

There are many ways you can decorate all the shelves in your bathroom. It is only important to be well organized and creative. After the decoration, let your next visit to the bathroom to be relaxing and let those few minutes of peace you spend inside by yourself be quiet and peaceful. Make your bathroom look like a spa, why not. Let it be an escape from reality in which you will create your own little empire and allow yourself to enjoy and think a little bit about yourself, for a change.


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