Sleeping Outside On A Porch Swing Bed

sleep on porch swing

Sleeping is a favourite activity for many people. That escape from everyday life is necessary for our health and better functionality, and creating the ideal conditions daily, for that much-needed rest is essential. Every single person who has spent the night outdoors, at least once in their life, knows how different it feels to wake up in the fresh air and under the light of the day.

Maybe you have spent the night on a swing bed on your porch, in a tent while you were camping, or on a sun lounger, but if you’ve never tried it, you’ve undoubtedly wondered at least once what it feels like to spend the whole night outdoors. The lifestyle that leads more people on our planet today can be called modern and fast, full of challenges. Every day we are receiving new information, some of us are working more than 12 hours per day, and at every moment we are exposed to the products of technology that has progressed in many ways. We use laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, televisions and other things that emit high levels of radiation. Sometimes we need a little time to relax, calm down, allow ourselves to indulge in the land of fantasy and dreams. Many of us have trouble falling asleep, or having a light sleep and waking up to every little noise or having a sleep problem called insomnia. In this case, considering other options that will help us overcome the problem is necessary to help ourselves. Fresh air and nature can have quite a positive effect on the mind and body.

If you decide to spend the night outside, you will reduce exposure to electric light so that your body can reset its rhythm because of the electric light we can stay awake longer then it is needed. Sometimes we can wake up much earlier than we would like to. It’s easier to fall asleep outside when the sun goes down and to wake up at sunrise. Maybe it sounds like a fairy tale, but there are far fewer factors that can disturb your sleep outside than inside your home. At the same time, the air we breathe is necessary for our brain to function normally, and the higher the air quality, the happier our mind is. An open-air night will clear the stagnant air from your lungs, brain and muscles. You may have heard people say that the green colour is good for our eyes. These people are right. Nature is perfect and needed for our psychophysical health, and it will help you to find you inner peace. Lie down under the stars, enjoy the beauty and allow the night sky to help you relax. Quiet outdoor sounds reduce stress and soothe the mood. Sleeping outside is a great way to disconnect from everyday distractions and find inner peace.

If you don’t have time to go camping one weekend, or you’re not that lucky person who lives near the sea or owns the pool, so you can afford to spend the night in the open air under the stars, you can always afford to buy a porch swing bed and provide some hedonism. Find your favourite swing type and fall asleep like a baby. Sleeping in a bed is the most comfortable, but occasionally sleeping on your porch on a swing will boost your health and allow you greater mental relaxation. This type of furniture is like a cradle, but for adults. You will swing until you fall asleep. Hanging on a floating bed, doesn’t it sound like the perfect dream spot? This type of furniture is becoming more and more popular, especially in homes built in cities where climate conditions are ideal. You can buy them in a store or custom made. 

Porch swing beds can easily fit with any decor theme if you are a perfectionist who wants all the designs and colours to fit together. If you are planning to buy your own floating bed, know that the possibilities are enormous. Different sizes, including swing beds that will accommodate a twin, full, queen or even a large size mattress will allow you to spend the night outdoors with someone you love.

When you decide to buy this type of furniture, and you have planned in advance to spend the night outdoors sometimes, then you need to keep in mind what type and size of mattress you will need. If you decide on a crib, the size is 28 x 51 inches, the Twin size is 39 x 75 inches, the Full size is 54 x 75 inches, the Queen size is 60 x 80 inches, and the largest one is the Kink size 76 x 90 inches. You should know that cushions, mattresses and pillows are optional and it is not included in the price of bed swings, mostly. While you are looking for the perfect mattress for your favourite piece of furniture, try to look out for the right pillows which will be an extra accessory. You can always use the bedding you usually use while sleeping in your bed while you are spending your rare nights outside.

Make the most of the emperors this type of furniture can provide, and more than that. Let your idea and desire run wild while you are positively affecting your mind and organism. Boost your immune system while you’re cuddling with your loved ones. The vital fact is that the level of the chemical in our body that stimulates the sense of well-being and happiness is called serotonin. The serotonin is associated with the oxygen level in our brain. By sleeping on your porch swing bed, you encourage the production of serotonin. Increase the quality of your sleep, relieve stress, speed up your metabolism and your mood.

Decide today to spend the night outdoors and feel all of the benefits that sleeping under the stars will bring to you. Give your self a chance to feel better and to improve your sleep.


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