Different types of shower curtains

shower curtain styles

A bathroom is a place in our home that we visit daily and in which we spend a certain part of the day. Therefore, the toilet should always be pleasant and comfortable. Choosing one of the beautiful shower curtains will emphasize even the most neutral bathroom. Curtains are not often present in modern showers, which look free and open, but on the other hand, they are not a choice that a shy person would make. Some screen can allow an individual to personalize their space for the most part. Each curtain has the ability to alter the appearance of the entire bathroom while adding the privacy that one family member needs.

Many patterns, materials, colours, designs and sizes are available today. It would be best if you choose what suits your bathroom and then your taste. The shopping process can be a lot of fun considering the many different options. It is recommended to buy liner beside the curtain for better protection against water damage.

Before going shopping, you should measure the shower enclosure to determine the size of the curtain and trim. Make sure that the curtain needs to be between the two walls and that it is extended to the floor itself.

In addition to the dimensions themselves, you need to decide if you want a curtain that has magnets and suction cups, grommets with hooks, or to be hookless with rings. There is a difference. Magnets and suction cups help curtain to stay in place and stick to the tub without blowing away. Grommets are a better choice in case you have children. In this case, they are less likely to fall apart. When it comes to the hookless option with rings, you can always choose rings which can match the decor or the basic ones.

Next step is to choose the material you like the most. You can decide between fabric and vinyl ones. Fabric one can be in polyester, nylon, microfiber, blend, silk or satin, canvas or organic cotton. There are pros and cons to both types. Fabric comes in many different choices, plenty of different designs, colours and weights. This material looks more luxurious, more elegant and plush. Many of them are washable. Fabric materials are designed to be tied back, which makes them hang and look better. On the other side, it is more expensive, and it needs high maintenance. Fabric curtains are more massive and may require additional hardware and a tighter, permanently installed curtain. Moulds and buds quickly accumulate on the fabric. Prices depend on the material and design you choose for your curtain. 

Vinyl curtains are easy to maintain. If you are looking for an easy option due to a busy lifestyle, this is the right choice for you. Linings are not required, although they give you greater privacy and efficiency.

Microfiber is a material that is soft to the touch and does not absorb moisture as much as cotton. This type of curtains is equipped with magnetic weights because they are somewhat heavier than curtains made of other materials. You will get a significant level of stability. It is easy to wash in the machine for easy maintenance.

As part of the fabric, if you decide on a canvas, keep in mind that it is quite a coarse and reliable material. Since the bathroom is a very damp place, this material will contain a shape and will keep it from creasing. The prices of this material vary. 

Plastic curtains can be very stylish. The choices are excellent when it comes to this material, and they are very durable and are generally the first child’s choice because of their decorations and motives. 

Satin and silk are among the luxury and most expensive fabrics. In case you decide to buy it, know that this material is not waterproof and it is easy to destroy. It is not recommended for bathrooms, more for design purposes. 

The complete opposite of satin and silk is polyester. This type of shower curtains are thick and looks similar to the canvas. They are waterproof and easy to maintain.

Today you can always find liners on the market that prevent the build-up of bacteria and mould.

On the packaging, you will notice that it is antibacterial. It is an excellent choice if your bathroom does not have the necessary ventilation or if the environment in which you live is very humid. You will save yourself unnecessary time to maintain the curtain regularly and have one thing less to be worried.

If you are a perfectionist, you think that one curtain is not enough to prevent water from spreading during the shower, you can always put two, one on each side.

For those homes that have room to fit an L-shaped curtain, an extra-wide curtain is a great choice. This size offers extra coverage, so chances are less of a flood in the bathroom and of making your bath mats sticky. Keep in mind that in this case, if you opt for non-synthetic material, pair it with a full lining to prevent excessive moisture.

In the end, here are some tips while choosing the perfect shower curtain:

  • l If you love minimalism, avoid prints, opt for solid colours that are right for your bathroom.
  • l In case the neutral colour prevails, you can opt for earth-toned shower curtains.
  • l If you have beige or white colour prevails in your bathroom; you can opt for an intense colour such as black or dark purple to refresh your look and achieve style and simplicity.
  • l If you choose a curtain for a children’s bathroom, you will be amazed by the choice of different cartoon motifs and everything that your child loves.
  • l You don’t want to have a palette of colours that clash because it reduces the aesthetics, so, in that case, be consistent and choose what fits with your existing pattern.

Choose the size which will fit properly, then design, colour and material, and you are ready to find your perfect curtain.


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