Creative and beautiful ways to use vases

Multifunctionality and practicality are traits that every person loves. If the things we own are mostly multifunctional, then we would not have so many different and unnecessary stuff in our home. When we combine all this with the little things that are meant for decoration, then everything makes more sense, and we will not be overwhelmed with unnecessary details among which each requires a particular way of maintenance. You probably got annoyed at least once when you realized how many things had accumulated over the years, and you would be thrilled in case you can get rid of half of it. There is a way to do something similar. Think of what you have in the house that has more features and organize your space accordingly to it.

When we think about decoration details, usually we like to have many different small things. But even when it comes to decoration, sometimes something that is not enough for us is still enough to look beautiful and fresh. If we base our analysis on the decoration of tables and flowers, then that involves thinking about the functionality of the vases. The primary function of every vase in any form is to put a bouquet or any flower in it. It is the basic purpose, but it is not the only one. There are so many different ways you can use your vase. Just think about a few of them,  and you will certainly use them as long as you like and as long as you want. Think about what you need, and use your vase accordingly to keep it functional. If you cannot think of any other creative way except the basic one, we would like to suggest you with a few:

  1. Salad can look very nice if it is served in a vase. If you have guests arriving for lunch or dinner, serve a salad in some form of vase whose shape suits the purpose, and everyone will be delighted. Preparing delicious food is essential, but the way you serve that meal is also relevant. People prefer to eat what looks beautiful to them. The bigger it is, the more salads will fit into it, which is logical.
  2. Cut three hundred and sixty-five pieces of paper and write on each piece some positive quote and insert them into a vase you own. Pull out a piece of paper each day and read what is meant for you to read and hear that exact day. You will give yourself a topic to think about. Maybe you will bring a smile to your face. If you blend everything nicely, the colour of the paper with the shape and colour of the vase, everything can look very cute with a positive purpose.
  3. If you have a sizeable transparent vase that would look nice if placed on the floor, you can use it for the purpose of a piggy bank. Every day when you return to your home, remove the coins from your wallet and insert it into the vase. In a few months, that vase will be full, and maybe you will be able to afford a short vacation. A transparent vase containing metal coins can look very nice in an interior dominated by wood. Functional and beautiful.
  4. You have many different pens that are found all over the house, and when you need a pen or a specific colour, you can’t find any. Try to find everything you own, get one vase that is not tall, put all your pens, wooden pens, felt-tip pens in it. It will look nice if you have a multicolour vase, and finally, all the pens will be in one place.
  5. Home lighting matters to everyone. If you love romantic lights, and you don’t want to buy a new lamp because you don’t need a new one, all you have to do is to take one vase, preferably bigger one. The colour and shape of the vase don’t matter. Put the led wire string inside, and that is it. Turn off all the other lights, and you will see the effect this procedure has. It will look romantic, and it will add to the decoration of the whole room.
  6. Do you miss the sea and the beach? It takes a little detail in the house to refresh the feeling you have while you are on vacation. Fill your vase with stones, shells that you collect at all your holidays, add water over it all and insert a false starfish. Who says you can’t bring the sea into the house?
  7. If you are tired with continually collecting kitchen accessories and gadgets in different parts of the kitchen, all you need to do is take a vase and stuff it inside. In this case, avoid porcelain and crystal vases for this purpose because that material is so easy to break.
  8. You can always use an oblong-shaped vase as a water jug to serve as you dine. There is no reason to have a jug and vase when you can only have one of these. Even sangria can be served in it. Just imagine to slice various fruit and pour the most famous Spanish wine on the top of it, everyone will be delighted.
  9. If you are a big coffee lover, you can always insert coffee beans into a transparent vase and place it in a prominent place in the kitchen. The scent will brighten the room, and the brown colour will blend in nicely with all the wooden elements in the kitchen.
  10. And at the very end, without too much thought, the vase is sufficient in itself to decorate the room—a large empty vase, preferably in some colour. You can place it on the floor by a mirror, or on the middle of a table in the kitchen or living room, even in the corner of a room can look very nice.

We hope that we have encouraged you to think creatively. Maybe you will find a new purpose for that the vase which stood on a shelf and collected dust you for so many years.


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