Table Centerpiece Decoration ideas

It is not uncommon among the people not to pay enough attention to something they look at and use every day. When we are in the mood to change and redecorate, only then we do remember that we can decorate something we are using daily. Such as the tables we dine on or the smaller ones where we drink coffee and leave the little things we use during the day. With a bit of effort, we can make a table to look fabulous for any gathering or a simple meal. With a good company, delicious food, great wine, and a visual impression, we enjoy the complete atmosphere.

The basis of any table decoration is the tablecloth. Besides its purpose to decorate the table, it also protects and covers it. Depending on the shape and size, you need to choose the right tablecloth. Be sure to blend colours and patterns with the colours that are prevalent in your kitchen or dining room, or any other place where the table you want to decorate is located. When buying a tablecloth, pay attention to the fabric, and choose something that will last longer and will not fall apart after a few washes. When you think of what the theme of a gathering at the table might be and how you want to present it to your guests, then when you decide on the motto of the event, you choose a dominant decorative item to decorate the dining table and place it in the centre. If there is no occasion, then you should think of a theme that will be an integral part of the everyday decoration.

An arrangement that occupies a central, dominant position is extremely important because it gives intonation and beauty for the whole room. The central part helps to make the basic idea of what you wanted to highlight, the emotion you convey, the message you want to send. You should be aware of the fact that the whole room will look completely different, more unusual, warmer, more extravagant with an attractive central piece. Central decoration is an indispensable part of the decoration of a table for weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, birthdays, as well as other festive dinners for holidays, celebrations, receptions or extremely formal evening gatherings.

Table decorating has been popular since ancient times. That need was more substantial than it is today, and imagination and creation were more pronounced than we have. The ancient Romans often used decorative feasts of leaves made of metal, vases and unusual pottery as central decorations on their tables. Aristocratic circles in the Middle Ages paid great attention to festivities, but much more to culinary deacons, so that the tables were too crowded with food. In the 18th century, festive dinners were served in Russian style, with servants serving one hundred dishes after another in the French style. Aristocrats took great care in decorating the table because it was an indicator of prestige and demonstration of power. During this period, a mirror appears on the centre of the table, which is arranged by porcelain figures, because the reflection it provides, in addition to the specific refraction of light, also opens up new dimensions of space. Then, for the first time, the central table decorations are made in vertical form, as well as the decoration of pyramid-shaped containers containing fruits or sweets, which are consumed after dinner.

Regardless of the choice of our central decoration, the most important thing is that the arrangement has the right height. The rule is that it should never be so tall that our guests cannot see each other across the table and interfere with communication. Equally important is the width and overall composition of the arrangement. Excessive and dramatic objects that create crowds on the table should be avoided, although the most common choice of centrepiece decoration on the table are definitely flowers and candles. There are many options.

We are providing you with several:

  1. One of the more recent trends in table decoration is floral arrangements underwater. The submerged floral arrangements are simple and elegant. This floral decoration is made by placing the selected flowers in a glass jar and pouring with water. For a stronger effect, add petals, twigs, leaves, crystals or stones.
  2. You can always make ikebana which is Japanese flower arranging skill, a combination of different flowers, branches of wood and all tied up with a bow, with the addition of candles on a crystal or ceramic plate. This type of decoration can look beautiful when it comes to different holidays.
  3. If you like simplicity and minimalism, you just need a plain transparent high vase bottle to add a bouquet and place it in the middle of the table.
  4. If you are a fan of books, coffee and tea, then you can decorate in that style. Put a few books in the middle, a couple of small candles, a sugar with a small bucket so you can sweeten your coffee or tea, and cups and mugs holder. Why not?
  5. The central decoration on the table will certainly be noticed if it is a hollowed-out old book in which you can plant a cactus or other type of flowers. It will look like a book from epic fiction films that will be great in combination with antique tablecloths and other decorations.
  6. The candle itself can be a decoration and when it is used, and even when not used, and candlesticks are a real work of art. Candlesticks used to be centrepiece decoration for the various tables, varied in shape and materials depending on the occasion. It can be an ideal decoration, practical and straightforward.
  7. Pumpkin becomes an unusual vase if it is cut, hollowed out and cleaned of seeds. Fresh flowers can be placed in a hollowed-out pumpkin or dried leaves and twigs.
  8. The fruit is always an exciting decoration on the table. It can be filled with a fruit bowl or arrangements of fruit with other details. Fruits in different vases, baskets and vessels can create an ever-new natural look for a table.
  9. A bouquet made of fruit is an innovative idea; it is edible, so you will be able to replace it after a few days and try something new again.
  10. The old birdcage can be a desirable solution. Add the candles inside, around the cage some plants, and you will have a rustic look as a centrepiece of your table.

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