How to make a large kitchen feel cozy

Your home should be comfortable and tidy so that you can always feel relaxed. Each room should have its purpose, and the kitchen is an oasis of peace where we prepare meals, snacks, drink coffee with family members and friends, dine, disconnect from the world and enter our small world.

When you have a room that is quite spacious, someone would think that it is a nightmare to equip it to look neat and beautiful. The rest of the people who have a sense of the interior know that a large room, in this case, a kitchen, gives you many choices to make. Given that, let’s get started with our suggestions.

Pay attention to lighting because it contributes to the overall look of the kitchen. Replace the typical fluorescence lighting installed in the kitchen by another option. You can always add flush mount kitchen lighting to the ceiling or some lamps with LEDs. The light that looks more natural than florescent is a priority if you want to enjoy in your kitchen. Dresser lamps next to the dining table or floor lamps around the dining table are a big plus when it comes to interior design. Choose the patterns and materials that will fit into the whole picture. Remember to add light above the sink because it is convenient and necessary. The combination of different lighting will allow you to manipulate the brightness of the kitchen. And if you love romance, then this is the perfect way to get it.

Remember to buy a few plants. Thanks to the plants, you will have more oxygen in the room, and everything will look very natural. Choose plants that do not require much sun, since the kitchen has more interior than outdoor lighting from the sun. You can put two to three plants which will be on the floor in the proper corners, and those plants should not be small. You can put small flower pots around the windows and cabinets that are designed for the inside. To achieve a comforting effect, you need to combine different things that will look more natural.

Pay attention to the selection of furniture in the kitchen. Depending on the look and style you want to achieve, you will choose your table and chairs accordingly. We suggest that it be pure wood material and about six chairs with a large dining table.

Choosing the paintings on the walls is a crucial part. If the walls in your kitchen are not white, then you must pay attention to the colours that will prevail. When choosing a picture to put in the kitchen, you have to look for the right motifs that will fit in perfectly. Themes on the picture can be a dead nature, a fruit bowl in a watercolour bowl, various flowers, trees and the like. As part of choosing photos, you can always buy wooden picture frames in different dimensions and insert the family pictures you love. That will give the whole room a more intimate tone. Arrange the frames as you see fit without being too cluttered.

If possible, insert a kitchen fireplace. That is ideal for heating the room as well as for cooking and baking. Some fireplaces are adapted to the kitchen so that you can bake bread, rolls, pizzas inside it. You can also put a pan of food on it and let it cook properly. This kind of food is always a lot more delicious. When you try it, you won’t want to bake in the oven again. Fire gives a unique taste to food. Around the fireplace, you can add wooden frames with pictures, or the like.

Large scented candles are always a good option. The candles will neutralize the different types of scent and will add to the romantic tone. In addition to large scented candles, you can also include small candles that you do not need to use, but let them be a decoration in the kitchen. There is no more beautiful and more comfortable feeling than when you invite guests over for dinner, turn off all the lights and light a few large candles around the table. That will make your dinner much more intimate, and your guests relaxed.

It will help if you buy individual vases that will fit all the kitchen utensils you don’t want to be in the drawer in the cabinet. What kind of kitchen is that where you don’t see a kettle or a big spoon, a spatula and the like somewhere? If the wood is predominant, then these details should also be made of wood. Put them all together in the same place, which could be a kitchen island, for example.

Think about buying a kitchen rug. A charming kitchen rug will cozy up your place, making it feel more comfortable with texture. You can place it in front of the sink or under the dining table. The choice is yours. Buying a rug will reduce the echo in a large room and contribute to the overall look of the kitchen. The advantage is that the carpets are efficient, so if you put it in front of the sink, your feet will get less tired as you do the dishes.

Avoid having your whiteware everywhere in the kitchen if you want a pleasant, natural and comfortable effect. Keep your toaster, blender, mixer and everything else in the kitchen cabinets so you can take them out whenever you need them. Have only your coffee machine on your kitchen cabinet, if you want one. And microwave of course.

Pay special attention to the central part of the dining table. Details like this are more than crucial. The choice is enormous, and you can always opt for the basic ones. Beautiful porcelain, crystal or ceramic vase, empty or full of fresh flowers is still a good option. Let the design and size of this vase fit the interior of the whole kitchen and the materials that prevail in your kitchen. You can use different style tablecloths, and you don’t have to.

Get creative and make your oasis of peace relax for those who join you there as well.


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