Decorating ideas for vases

The way we set out to decorate our space, our style and the size of the area describes and shows our character. The little things that we buy or create ourselves are an integral part of the decoration, and these little things include vases. Our vases, vessels and flowers are designed to make your daily life happier and inspire us to be creative. It does not matter if we fill the room with a bunch of flowers, or put only one flower in the vase, or place empty containers and vases around the room, every decision and every detail is our choice and shows our style to others. Have you ever come to the store and picked the first vase you see? Probably not. That love at first sight when it comes to decoration is really rare. When we go in search of vases, we usually have a vision of how it should look like, because only it can play the role that we intended for it. Only by choosing colour, shape and style we will achieve what we want. There are various shapes, tall vases, low, multicolour vases, monochrome, made of glass, metal, crystal, marble, plastic and many others. In addition to the interior of your house, you must have been in charge at least once in your life of a hall or room interior and decoration intended for birthday, wedding or similar occasions. After such celebrations, if you were a host, you know yourself that you will receive many bouquets as a gift, and so many vases are going to be needed. Arranging flowers is a small skill to master. You should be aware of the fact that for a particular type of bouquet, you need a specific kind of vase for it. You do not need to spend a fortune buying vases, but you do need a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Trendy are trumpet-shaped vases. This type of vase has a flat bottom and expands at the top, allowing the branches of the plant to spread and breathe. You need to make sure you have enough flowers to fill this vase. Otherwise, it will look thin. Vases of this shape can be large and small, so based on what you need, choose the right size you like. Sometimes it looks beautiful even if you insert only a few flowers that have long branches, so everything seems very simple in the end and fits in with a minimalist style.

The cylinder-shaped vase has a perfectly straight and straightforward circular shape. This shape is ideal for large bouquets or flowers of unusual heads or with different inclination, such as tulips or hyacinths.

If you decide to make a vase from a bottle, you should know that this type of vase is always flat on top, limiting the movement of branches and the number of flowers. That is why this vase is ideal for thin branches of Japanese flowers, a single rose or gerbera. If you get a lovely bouquet, consider distributing flowers to multiple bottles throughout your home. You do not have to be a professional designer to decorate your home this way. Simply place one flower in several bottles and spread it around the house.

Use jars as vases for small bouquets. The size of the jars does not matter if you are creative. After you have used the jar that housed the icing, marmalade or any form of food, washes it well, allow it to dry and remove any paper stickers. With a little effort, your old jars can become beautiful flower vases. Draw small white flowers over the colour you choose as your central flower and fill the jar with a beautiful flower. Floral design is always the right choice. It will inspire you to have freshly picked flowers in your house all the time. Match the colours on the jar with your favourite flowers. An association on the sea, even when we skip summer, we can have a reminder on it on your table in the form of a flower vase, a jar with a seagrass. Collect various shells, some sand and glue, and you have all the tool in your hands. Also, stripes, tuffs and bows are always in fashion yes. You can do this combination in any colour, even in the style of home design. An excellent idea is a jar lined with notes of decoupage techniques. You will need a decoupage adhesive for this idea, which may not be everyone in the house, but is definitely valuable for similar projects. There are many ways. It is up to you to decide what you like best.

Another form is the vase. This type has a large extensive interior and a medium-sized opening allowing the flowers to move freely both outside and inside—ideal for a group of the same flowers, like a tulip. The full spherical base prevents the flowers from falling too much out. When choosing this type of vase, keep in mind that it should reach 1/3 of the height of the flowers. You may need to cut the branches and do it gradually so as not to cut them too much.

Another form of the vase is the ordinary bin. The bucket expands at the top giving more freedom to the flowers. This model works best with lots of flowers, like a bunch of garden roses with leaves or fluffy hydrangeas. The bin does not have to be rustic. If you live in a modernly furnished apartment, choose this vase shape in elegant grey or ceramic white.

And finally, you can take advantage of the low kitchen container. This type of vase allows flower heads to float freely. Just put on three flowers, for example, and it will look beautiful. You can use chrysanthemums, gerberas, most orchids and gardenias, roses.

There are many options. You do not have to buy new vases. Something you already have in the house, with a little work and creativity, can turn into a beautiful vase that will be the centre of attention for everyone.


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