9 Best Lighthouse Shower Curtains – Bath & Shower Covers

Lighthouse Shower Curtain
  • Is 100% waterproof
  • Features durable stitching to prevent fraying
  • Non-woven fabric is soft to the touch
  • Is quick drying
  • Uses non-fading 3D ink
  • Fast and quick installation
  • Colors are bright and vibrant
  • High-quality imaging with on pixelation
  • Comes with high-quality hooks

1. Lighthouse Beautiful City And Town Shower Curtain Review

Our first shower curtain is a beautiful lighthouse design highlighting both blue, white, grey, and dark green colors. It’s perfect for modern style bathrooms that want deeper colors. The fabric itself is made from polyester fabric, which allows the non-woven fabric to be waterproof and fast drying.


The ends feature non-slip neoprene rubber and are soft to the touch. All ink, fabric, and stitching used is all eco-friendly. With the deep ink printed design, the fabric’s design won’t fade even after multiple uses.


Additionally, the bath curtain can be used without a liner as it can prevent water from splashing out. For washing, it can be placed in the washing machine but must be kept on cold. This particular shower curtain comes with 12 holes for rings but does not include any hooks. 


  • Is 100% waterproof
  • Features durable stitching to prevent fraying
  • Non-woven fabric is soft to the touch
  • Printing produces deep and vibrant colors
  • Machine washable


  • A bit pixelated up close, but still looks great

Summary: this shower curtain is exceptionally durable and high-quality. However, some stated that the picture seems a bit pixelated and not to their taste. Either way, the shower curtain is one of the highest-rated and comes with a bunch of positive reviews.

2. NYMB Lighthouse Shower Curtains Review

The next shower curtain on our list is the NYMB, which uses 3d digital printing. It includes multiple colors that range from dark and light. The beautiful contrast is suitable for anyone looking for a dramatic lighthouse image. The blend of the dark blue sea waves crashing against the cliff ad lighthouse makes for a beautiful statement piece.

As for the quality of the curtain, it includes a 100% polyester blend that’s waterproof and quick drying. The color is non-fading and can easily be placed into the washing machine for cleaning. Add in that it comes with 12 hooks and rings, which allows quick installation right out of the package.

If you’re worried about splashing, the curtain is 100% waterproof and can prevent this from happening. Additionally, it doesn’t need to be used with a liner due to the waterproof qualities. The ends use fine stitching that prevents fraying, and the rust-proof grommets add extra reinforcement and durability.

The only downside we’ve found is that some have found that the colors may not seem as vivid in person. However, they still say that the details are better than other shower curtains on the market.


  • Is quick drying
  • Uses non-fading 3D ink
  • Fast and quick installation
  • Durable design
  • Complimentary design to any decor


  • Not as vibrant as the photo but still shows fine details

Summary: Overall, we’d say that this is a reliable, high-quality shower curtain. The added 3D printing provides a more vibrant and crisp image that can help become a statement piece for your bathroom. 

3. Ofat Home Whale and Lighthouse Shower Curtain Review

The Ofat is a unique twist on a lighthouse shower curtain. Its design features an off white backdrop accompanied by a whale carrying a lighthouse. This funny and quirky design is perfect for those looking to brighten up and widen their bathroom space. Plus, the addition of deep blue, red, and tan colors are perfect for modern bathrooms.


Using one-sided printing, the deep color shines through the white background. On top of that, the company uses a heat dying sublimation technique, which helps prevent the ink from fading. Additionally, it also allows it to stay vibrant even over a long period. 

Compared to others, the material is much finer and thinner. However, this doesn’t cut down on quality and durability. Instead, the curtain is 100% waterproof, prevents splashing, and doesn’t need a liner. Besides that, it comes with 12 high-quality plastic hooks.


  • Colors are bright and vibrant
  • High-quality imaging with on pixelation
  • Polyester is quick-drying and soft to the touch

  • Enhanced durability
  • Comes with high-quality hooks


  • The fabric has a shiny finish
  • Material is see-through


Overall, the company provides high quality and durable shower curtain. It can easily be machine washed but not dried. The only downside we’ve found is that the material has a shiny finish and that you’ll be able to see through the curtain. Using an extra liner can help prevent people from seeing through.

4. Ambesonne Lighthouse Shower Curtain Review

The Ambesonne creates stunning shower curtains with amazing prints. If you’re looking for a dark design to fit a deeper color scheme, then this will be perfect. It includes a lighthouse sitting on top of a cliff during the night. Two beaming lights shoot out into the distance, with the waves crashing against the cliff. It’s a stunning piece that will surely catch the eye of all of your guests.

The fabric used is a high-quality Turkish polyester blend that is known to be durable, sturdy, and stand up to tears over time. Due to its natural waterproof qualities, it doesn’t require a liner and prevents splashing. The material is also machine washable, which allows easy cleaning.

Besides that, the dyes used are safe and don’t contain any chemicals. Many other brands tend to use dyes that may bleed or fade over time. However, this company makes sure to use dyes that won’t harm your health or damage the product. This means no vinyl or PEVA chemicals, which makes it eco-friendly.


  • Uses high-quality dyes

  • Eco-friendly dye and material

  • Bold graphics with designer artwork
  • Wide curtain with high-quality fabric
  • Doesn’t fade and keeps its image


  • Very dark colors


Overall, this lighthouse shower curtain is bold, stunning, and is one of a kind. You won’t find many others similar to it due to the unique digital printing technology. The only downside we’ve found is that it’s very dark and some of the details may be hard to see unless up close. Either way, it’s a fantastic piece that’s sure to draw attention from guests.

 5. Zicos Scenery Shower Curtain Review

The Zixcos is a lovely bright, and vibrant picture that’s perfect for colorful décor. It has a bright and sunny design with a lit beach and a lighthouse. The sides are adorned with red roses, bushes, and flowers to create an extraordinary scene. We’d say that out of all on our list, and this is the most cheery. It’s perfect for those looking for flowery décor.

If you’re worried about the fit, then don’t. It includes a large curtain size suitable for master bathrooms. The large size is 69 x 70 inches and entirely covers a whole bathtub. 

Additionally, the fabric is made using a high-quality polyester, which is both naturally quick-drying and waterproof. It’s also machine washable and includes rust-proof grommets. These provide lasting durability and prevent the curtains from wearing down over time.

 Besides that, the top header is reinforced with extra stitching. The top header helps prevent the shower curtain from fraying or ripping. Overall, it’s a highly durable and high-quality bath curtain.

Another excellent benefit is that all materials used are eco-friendly. The materials used stray from any vinyl, PVC, or other added chemicals. By doing so, it helps prevent allergic reactions and also makes it safe to use around kids and pets.

As for the design, the company uses digital printing, which produces a crisp and clear image. Its unique properties allow the ink to withstand fading and can quickly put up with everyday use. 

The only issue that you’ll need to be careful with is only washing it using cold water. If you use hot, then you may see some fading, but not too much. The material is also of high quality and prevents wrinkles.


  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • Uses eco-friendly materials
  • Quick-drying and waterproof design
  • Enhanced stitching with extra durability
  • Machine washable


  • Slightly pixelated


Overall, the cheerful image and bright colors are what drive people towards this shower curtain. The overall aesthetic is perfect for those looking for a decorative piece to be the center of their bathroom. The only downside we’ve found is that the image isn’t an as high resolution as others.

6. Ambesonne Beach Shower Curtain Review

Sticking to a fun, bright, and vibrant theme, we also have the Ambesonne Beach Shower Curtain. Its background features a bright blue sky adorned with seagulls flying over a beach. There is a bright red and white lighthouse off to the side, which compliments most cheerful decors. 

The measurement of this particular shower curtain is 70 x 69 inches. This is big enough to fit most master sized bathrooms and can easily fit any curved shower rods. Included are 12 hooks, which makes set up quick and easy. The high-quality fabric also ensures that you won’t need a shower liner.

As for the material, it’s crafted using high-quality Turkish polyester fabric. Plus, the company went out of its way to avoid harmful chemicals making this an eco-friendly shower curtain. The material doesn’t contain any vinyl or PEVA, which is known to cause skin sensitivities.

Polyester is naturally waterproof and can be machine washed in specific settings. The benefit of this is that you won’t need to use a liner. Plus, you won’t need to worry about the ink fading as long as you wash it on cold. 

Speaking of the ink, the fabric stays bold and continues to be vibrant even after multiple washes. This is known for all shower curtains in the Ambesonne brand. They do their best to use high-quality ink and pair them with unique 3D printing techniques.


  • Bright and colorful design

  • Large design perfect for master bedrooms
  • High-quality fabric and enhanced durability

  • Bold design with long-lasting ink


  • Maybe a bit too long for standard showers


Overall, the shower curtain is one of the only vibrant on our list. If you’re looking to change up your decor to something more fun and colorful, then we highly recommend this. The only downside we’ve found is that it is long compared to others. So you may need to adjust the placement of your shower rod.

7. Bleum Cade Nautical Shower Curtain Review

The Bleum Cade is a beautiful neutral shower curtain that is sure to amaze you and your guests. The curtain design is made using greys, whites, browns, and yellows to help create a stunningly 3-D image. There are multiple tiers of fabric that provide texture and depth. If you’re looking for a warm and neutral shower curtain with a lighthouse, you can’t go wrong with this one.

One of the main benefits of this shower curtain is that the material is durable and semi-waterproof. It’s crafted using oxford polyester fabric, which also makes it soft to the touch and exo-friendly. The company does its best to avoid any chemicals, which can prevent breakouts or skin sensitivities. 

Besides that, the shower curtain comes with multiple sizing options. The first is a medium-size, which is ideal for standard showers (70 x 69 inches). The second is a large size, which is perfect for master bedrooms (84 x 69 inches).

Compared to others on our list, this is the first shower curtain that requires a liner. This is likely due to the multiple types of fabric used, which aren’t 100% waterproof. Although, the large design makes it perfect for use on both straight and curved shower curtains.

Each of the shower curtains are individually wrapped. This makes it perfect as a gift for holidays or special occasions.


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Neutral design that blends with most decor

  • High-quality stitching and inked design

  • Durable and high-quality fabric
  • Comes individually wrapped, perfect for gifts


  • Requires a liner
  • Not 100% waterproof


Overall, we love that this is the most calming design on our list. Unlike others, it features soothing colors that complement almost any style and decor. If you don’t want it to be the centerpiece, it blends in well with its surrounding decor.

8. MitoVilla Dramatic Lighthouse with Light Shower Curtain Review

While most of the designs so far have been either dark or bright, the MitoVilla includes both. The overall design is perfect for those looking for black and white decor, which is a bit more modern. The backdrop features a lighthouse sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean and cloudy sky. 

As for the design, it uses exquisite HD printing techniques that allow vivid colors and imagery. The unique technology allows permanent coloring and prevents fading. This allows multiple uses without the worry that it would become discolored. 

Additionally, the fabric is made using 100% polyester. All materials used are eco-friendly and avoid any harmful chemicals. The natural polyester is also quick drying and fully waterproof. This allows you to use the shower curtain without the use of a liner. 

The shower curtain comes with 12 free hooks which are surrounded by reinforced grommets. Why is this good? Well, the grommets can quickly become unraveled if not reinforced. Due to the extra reinforcement, this will allow the shower curtain to last through multiple uses with enhanced durability.


  • Extremely durable and high quality
  • Multiple sizes available
  • 100% waterproof and requires no liner

  • Vivid imaging with vibrant colors
  • Eco-friendly 


  • A bit pixelated up close


Overall, this bath curtain is impressive and provides a unique dramatic image. From reviews, multiple people suggest using it as not only a shower curtain but as blackout cloth, window curtain, or partition. The only downside we’ve found with this is that the image looks a bit pixelated up close. Otherwise, there are no issues.

9. SZDR Lighthouse Shower Curtain Review

The last on our list is the SZDR shower curtain. It includes a fantastic blend of deep grey, black, orange, yellow, and white colors. If you’re looking for a more serene and gloomy design, this is perfect for you. The overall feel leaves you with longing while looking out over the ocean.

When it comes to durability, the SZDR includes tightly woven fabric which creates a superior material. The high-quality polyester is more compact and can easily prevent any water from soaking through. Additionally, the texture becomes smoother to the touch and creates a quick-drying material.

However, durability doesn’t stop there. There are also reinforced grommets that help prevent any fraying or tearing. The metal that surrounds the grommets are all made with non-rusting metal, which enhances the overall lifespan.

Additionally, the printing process uses a particular imported digital printer. It uses a thermal transfer technique that presses bright and transparent colors and patterns onto the shower curtain. The company also makes sure to avoid any harmful chemicals in the inking process.


  • Highly durable design
  • Enhanced printing technique for maximum quality
  • 100% waterproof design
  • List Item
  • Rust-proof and extended lifespan
  • Dark and rustic design perfect for modern homes


  • May be too dark for some buyers


Overall, the shower curtain is one of the most durable on our list. If you’re looking for quality over style, then we recommend this one. The only downside we’ve found is that some found the colors way too dark. However, if you don’t mind the dark aesthetic, then you won’t have a problem with it.

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