When to use a dish drying rack

You have probably used a dish drying rack for years, but never start thinking about when it is ideal to use a dish rack. Some people, since they have bought a machine for washing dishes, stopped using a dish rack, but some things cannot be washed in a dishwasher for sure. Those things are knives, some cookware, low-quality plastic dishes, big pots, and similar. On the other side, there are people who are combining a dishwasher and a dish rack, and the ones who still prefer using only a dish rack. Some people simply enjoy washing dishes. Somehow it has a therapeutic effect.

If you have decided to buy a new dish drying rack, think about where to store a drying rack. This depends on the extra free space you have in the kitchen, and of course, the way you want to be mounted on. You can choose between a simple dish drying rack that you will put on a kitchen cabinet next to the sink. In this case, you will lose some extra space. That can be a problem if you cannot place it anywhere. The other way is to put above the kitchen sink. This method can save you up some space that you can use for other purposes. There are so many different dish drying rack to put them above the sink. You will, for sure, find something that will meet up all your needs.

Never forget to clean all dish drying racks regularly, especially if you are the owner of the plastic ones. Constant water exposure is an ideal place for the rust to appear and the mold to spread around. It is important for your health to learn how to clean dish drying racks because you don’t want to have your glasses and plates near mold, dust, and rust.

When you should use it

  • When you want to get all your dishes under control, If you have kids, then you know how hard it is to store kids’ dishware. Most of them have fun shapes, containers made of plastic so they cannot be placed just anywhere. Because your kids’ are using it frequently, it should be somewhere where you can reach it fastly. A dish drying rack is a perfect solution. After you wash it, just place it to get dry, and until it is dried, your kids will need it again. So it is an ideal place where you can control the dishes your family uses daily.
  • You can use it when you want to organize all of your storage container lids. It is not that rare that we often lose a bottom part of a plastic box, and we are stuck with the top parts without knowing what to do with them. Usually, people don’t organize all they have in the kitchen, and when the moment comes, it is so annoying to sit in the kitchen for a few hours organizing storage container lids.
  • If you are creative enough, you can use a dish drying rack, even in your office. Why not? It is an innovative solution for so many different papers and fascicles. Because it is designed to hold the plates in the same way it can hold a bunch of folders, this will help you to store out all old folders, and to make a better organization. It is essential to have everything well organized so you can find it when you need it.
  • Have you ever thinking about that you can use a dish drying rack even in your closet? Yes, that is right. This is a cheap and easy way to score some extra closet storage. You can set a wire where you will hang a dish drying rack and organize all clutches and small handbags. If you have a large number of small handbags, then this will give you some extra free space in your closet.
  • People are creative in general, so some of them remembered to use a dish drying rack as a charging station for laptops and phones. Buzzfeed showed everyone how can corral all electric cords, which are somewhere loose, or tablets, phone or notebook cables with the help of zip ties and dish drying rack. This would be a DIY project to level up your organization skills. It will take less than an hour, and you will be sure where are all your cords and cables.
  • If you want to organize all your plates, you can use a dish drying rack for that purpose. You can do one more DIY project and install a dish drying rack inside one of the kitchen cabinet doors. It will not take much of your free time to make this project happen, but it will allow you to organize all of your plates. A good organization is a must, especially in the rooms where you have a lot of things. Otherwise, it would be impossible to find what you need at a certain moment.

For the end

There are so many different ways where you can store and when to use a dish drying rack. Yes, it is invented to have the primary purpose of letting your dishes get dry. But, it doesn’t have only that purpose. If something can level up the organization of the things in your house, use it. If we are not separating items every year on what we need and what we don’t need, after a few years, we will be stuck with a bunch unnecessarily things that will hold up some space in different rooms that we can use for various purposes. So, if something can allow you to raise up your organization skills, use it. A dish drying rack can be a multipurpose item, mainly because its popularity is declining in the last years since people are buying dishwashers.  If you want to buy a new one, you can choose between various models and designs, so you will for sure find something that you will like.


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