Should kitchen faucet match cabinet hardware

Kitchens are for a long time more than a place for preparing meals, they are the centre of the home and the gathering place, and most often the most time-consuming room. If you are wondering how to tidy up your kitchen, know that this space should be functional, efficient and long-lasting. In addition to the bathroom, a kitchen renovation is one of the most significant investments when it comes to furnishing a home. If you have decided to renovate your kitchen or equip it for the first time, you are probably wondering where to start. Having some carpentry skills as well as thinking outside the box, given the variety of materials and finishes, can solve the problem of kitchen decorating, especially small ones.

If you are a perfectionist, or you prefer a minimalist style, in which case we recommend you should match kitchen faucet with cabinet hardware. In this case, you will avoid more combinations of different metals that many kitchen parts are made of, as well as the lack of colour matching in your kitchen. Determine the style of your kitchen. Visit stores, browse magazines, or find inspiration online to learn about different styles. Typically, kitchen styles are divided into traditional, modern and rural styles, and you should choose the ones that fit the rest of your home. Although the division into styles is much larger, this one is somewhat basic.

Matching kitchen faucets with cabinet hardware is not always that easy. If your economic opportunities are unlimited, then the whole process will be much more comfortable for you. While combining these two things, we recommend that the material you choose be metal, or something similar in appearance and colour. Considering that quantity is very important, the kitchen faucet is just one item compared to kitchen cabinet hardware that has many more. So we recommend that you first decide to go for kitchen cabinet hardware.

If you did not know by now what kitchen cabinet hardware is, we would make it easy for you, so you do not need to do some research. Kitchen cabinet hardware is everything in your kitchen what is related to the pulls that are attached to your drawers and cabinets, to doorknobs as well as to the hinges that exist to allow you to open and close cabinet doors. The essential function is to open doors and drawers. There are two basic types of kitchen hardware. Those are pulls and knobs. The difference is in size and function. Knobs are slightly smaller and mounted on cabinet doors, while pulls are slightly larger and mounted on cabinet doors. That is some primary difference, though you can also reverse the order, it is rarely recommended. And if we have given you the basic features of kitchen hardware, they have another one, which is an aesthetic function. The style of the kitchen hardware is closely related to the style of the kitchen cabinet and therefore, the overall look and design of your kitchen. Knobs and pulls come in various designs, shapes, sizes and colours; the options are endless. If your kitchen emphasizes modern style and design, opt for some simple kitchen cabinet hardware. If your kitchen exudes traditional style then opt for knobs and pulls that are not so simple but of some exciting shape and preferably decorated. We recommend that you choose what will fit in nicely and be functional. The most important thing is that your kitchen hardware is comfortable on your hands as you will use it often. Avoid sharp edges to avoid daily skin cuts and opt for rounded corners.

Although you can always choose to mount just knobs or pulls everywhere, this is your choice to make.

After giving you some essential pieces of information, we will focus on the materials that the kitchen hardware is made of since it is a relevant item when it comes to pairing style with a kitchen faucet. Most kitchen cabinets do not come with hardware, so you have to choose the right one yourself. Try to choose something that will fit your theme, and they can be so different because the choices on the market are huge. The materials can be varied of brass, brushed nickel, stainless steel, chrome, wood and the like. Since the point is to pair the look of your kitchen faucet with your kitchen hardware, then wood-made kitchen hardware is out of option.

On the other hand, the selection of faucets in specialized stores is also very large. Faucets also vary in shape, model, dimensions, colours and materials from which they are made. In the last few years, touchless kitchen faucets have become more and more popular, so if you choose such a model, you will not go wrong. Before you buy a faucet like this, we advise you to read the pros and cons of touchless kitchen faucets. However, the choice is yours because the faucet will be in your kitchen. Whichever model you choose, we suggest you maintain it correctly and in the manner prescribed for the material you choose. Be aware of the fact that in the next few years you may find yourself in a situation where your faucet does not function as it did when you bought it or your faucet spout has become loose, so in that case you are advised to repair it yourself in a few steps before you start to panic. But let’s get back to the article subject. Kitchen faucets can be made of various materials including brass, copper, zinc, stainless steel, and the like.

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If it is essential for you that your kitchen hardware and kitchen faucet match in colour and material, then we suggest that you choose for both stainless steel or brass since they are the easiest to maintain.

In the end, our attitude is that kitchen faucets and kitchen cabinet hardware may or may not match. If you are not a perfectionist, it is essential for you that the things you buy are quality and functional, then you decide on something that has these characteristics, and you can pay attention when it comes to design in other things.


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