How tall should a floor lamp be

Any type of lighting can drastically change the look of a room. You’ve probably noticed it yourself by now. Quality floor lamps are a great addition to any lighting you have in your home. Only one type of light is never recommended because it will make your home look monotonous and dark. With the addition of a floor lamp in a room, it will give you warmer, more isolated, and more intense light, which is a priority if the ceiling light in a room is not strong enough. We advise that the additional parameter when choosing to light is the ambiance of the room. It all depends on whether you are decorating the living room where you need direct light or maybe rooms with dimmer lights.

If we pause to think, the question is, where and when is the floor lamp used? Floor lamps are both decorative and useful. Whether it is for the living room or the bedroom, for people who like to read books or browse through their favorite leisure magazines, floor lamps are an indispensable piece of furniture. However, if you are a fan of watching movies or surfing the Internet, placing one or two-floor lamps in the corner rooms will give you a pleasant and equally diffused light throughout the room, allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities completely. Certainly, you will not put a floor lamp in the bathroom or terrace. It just does not have any sense. If you have a large kitchen that is connected to the dining room and the lighting is not strong enough, you can add this type of lamp to some corner of the room to brighten the light, and if you have prepared a romantic dinner for someone, a floor lamp with dim lights would be an ideal accessory.

What is the ideal height for a floor lamp depends entirely on its purpose. If the lamp is used for reading, it should not be lifted much upwards, because in this case, the lamp will not be able to illuminate the required place enough, but turn it in the desired direction so that all light is focused there. The opposite is the case when using floor lamps to increase the current illumination in a room. In this image, the lamp should be raised as high as possible so that it can spread its light. Since all floor lamps do not shine in the same way, this detail should be carefully addressed. Some emit more light and some less. Also, some floor lamps are adjustable, allowing light to be directed in different directions. What is definitely advised is that the lamp is tested before purchase. For the living room, bright lamps are ideal.

The best solution would be to find a floor lamp that has an adjustable pole, and therefore its height will be adjustable. The height of the adjustable pole and, therefore, the lighting can be adjusted. The lampshade also plays a role. If the lampshade is wide, dim light is produced. For starters, you can always set the floor lamp at a height that gives you the light you want due to the adjustable pole. High pillar floor lamps give maximum light.

If we were talking about the average height of a floor lamp, not how high the lamp should be, let the average height bulge from 60 inches to 71 inches, which means from 5 to 7 feet. Some types of floor lamps that are particularly intended for reading or to stand in a doctor’s offices are slightly shorter compared to the average height. Such floor lamps are designed for use when you are in a sitting position and are therefore slightly shorter. Such a design allows the shade to be above shoulder height while in a sitting position. This type of lamp is best placed next to a sofa or armchair. There are also those floor lamps that can be 6 to 8 feet high. This type fits best in extremely large rooms. Given their height, light is usually directed upwards, which gives off the effect of a torch. If you use a combination of floor and table lamps, the upper edges of all installations must be within inches of each other.

To ensure that the room you are decorating is adequately lit, be careful when choosing a floor lamp model. It has multiple designs, and it is undoubtedly best to choose a design that is consistent with the style of the room itself. Think carefully before buying, evaluate which lamp would best fit the space being decorated. Consider where to buy floor lamps. Buying online can be an ideal solution as it will save you the time you would spend going to the store. The choice is much more significant as many websites offer a wide range of floor lamps, and you just need to scroll through the pages and to make shortlist until you find out which floor lamp will be the perfect accessory in one of your rooms. Now, when shopping online, you can’t see any of these models live, so it might not be a bad idea to go to a store and look at what they have to offer.

If you decide to buy a cheap floor lamp, keep in mind that such lamps are generally made of more affordable and fewer quality materials. The shade will be mostly plastic, and the pillar will be thin, with an unpainted metal. Manufacturers do many things to reduce production costs. A better quality floor lamp will cost a little more, but for that price, you will get better quality, and it will serve you longer.

If you decide to set aside a large amount of money to buy a floor lamp, then you should definitely buy it from one of the specialist stores to avoid potential disappointments that are common when shopping online. So, when choosing a floor lamp, consider the size of the room, the purpose for which you are buying the lamp, the style in which the room is decorated, and your personal needs, and also, where to buy floor lamp. We wish you good luck with the selection.


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