How to sharpen kitchen shears at home

Kitchen shears are an indispensable part of any kitchen in a home, restaurant or coffee shop. Food shears can be used for cutting roast meat without the use of knives, chicken meat, cutting the turkey, but also for making salads. This aid is essential for all roasters as well as good hosts because it facilitates the whole procedure, and the entire process is easy, quick and straightforward.

Thanks to the kitchen shears, you will be able to go through the whole process without using any other tool. You will be able to cut the roast meat, quickly cut the bones before preparing the chicken, and forget about using all types of knives for this process. The shears are easy to use and manage. This tool can have other features as well. Depending on the manufacturer and design, some shears have a rounded steel section on itself that serves to open the bottles. Another accessory some shears can have comes in the form of cut steel between the finger openings and serves to open the nuts.

The blades are usually very sharp, high heat resistant. They will save your time, keep you from getting burned, allow you to cut without a knife and fork, make serving more accessible, and are easy and fun to use. Usually, shears are in every type of the kit which you will buy once you get married.

In addition to the options listed in the text, you probably never even spotted that there were other options where you can use this product.

Kitchen shears can help you cut grapes. A large cluster can be turned into a few smaller ones, and in a matter of seconds, your snack is ready. You may have chopped the whole tomatoes by now on a cutting board or inserted them into a blender to cut them faster. Next time, try to do it with shears. You can also cut herbs with this product. If you are a fan of seafood and all kinds of food that comes from the sea, then you know that in many situations it is challenging to clean some fish, shrimp or the like. Shrimp are very annoying to clean. Next time, try to use kitchen shears to remove the scales along the entire length of the shrimp. That makes it easier to remove shrimp meat from the shell. Cutting pizza is also much easier if you do it with kitchen shears. Our next suggestion is to try chopping fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, and pies with your shears. Sometimes you will think about should you use a knife or shears. Try it for yourself, so be sure.

It is important to note that there is a difference between a kitchen shears and kitchen scissors. They look very similar, but the difference is in their blades and handles. Shears have blades that are six inches or longer to be able to cut meat.

To try all of the above in the article, you need to keep your kitchen shears adequately maintained. The blade should preferably be finely serrated rather than straight to prevent it from slipping.

If you have shears that you handled adequately, you maintained them correctly, but they are old, you will notice that they are a little darkened, no longer have such sharp edges and are slightly loosened. If you feel you can’t help them with any procedure, simply buy new ones, kitchen shears are not expensive at all. If you are determined to try to change them first before putting them in the trash, you will need just a few everyday household items and some practice.

Try to get one piece of sandpaper. Such sheets of paper with 150-200 grit should be enough, and if you want, a paper with more grit will do a good job as well. Bend the paper in half and face the rough sides outward to allow the sandpaper to clamp to both blades as you cut it. Cut to make long sandpaper strips that mean you need to cut 10-20 times. You will notice that the blades become sharper with each strip of cut paper.  Finally, wipe the scissors with a damp paper towel to remove the sandpaper pieces from the shears.

The next way is with aluminium foil. You need a piece of foil such as 8-10 inches long. Fold this sheet lengthwise several times to obtain a thick, folded strip. Each layer will help to sharpen the knife blades repeatedly. You need to cut the aluminium foil strips until you have cut the entire thick aluminium strip, from the base of the shears and stretching to the top. After that, wipe the shears with a paper towel moistened with warm water.

The procedure everyone would recommend includes a sharpening stone. Sharpening stones usually have two sides that are used to sharpen the blade: the coarser, the borderline and the fine side. Preparing a sharpening stone involves placing a towel under it and lubricating it with water or oil. Then, disassemble your shears, remove the screw that secures the shears knives together. That will allow you to sharpen each blade individually. The whole process should take 10-20 strokes per blade. If you have started with the rough side of the stone, end with a few moves on the smooth side of the stone to get a nice and even finish. Put together shears and cut a few plain papers and that’s it.

It may seem strange to you, but a plain glass jar can help. Open the shears as wide as possible and place the blades around the side walls. Hold the jar with one hand, and the other should hold shears. Cut the jar as you would cut plain paper. Repeat this process until the blades have a smooth and clean edge. The shears will leave marks on the jar, so choose one that you no longer need. Finally, wipe the blades with moist wipes.

Instead of a jar, you can use a pin to sharpen the blade. The procedure is the same, just instead of a jar take some pin you find. But in this case, you don’t have to close the scissors all the way, only halfway down.

If none of our tips helps you, and you own good quality and expensive shears, contact a professional who is in charge of that job.


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