How tall should kitchen faucet Be

Most of the products we buy for normal functioning in our home can be found in different dimensions. Given that the supply of everything in the global market is quite large, among all these different models, materials, sizes, there are some dimensions that we call standard dimensions. Well, accordingly, when buying kitchen faucets, you will see that the faucets can also be found in standard sizes. Before you decide on a particular model and a dimension, you have to make a decision whether you want a wall mount kitchen faucet or a sink-mounted model.

If you have made the decision which type of faucet you want to install, it is necessary to estimate how much space you have in your sink and in the physical area that you wish to place the kitchen faucet. Based on that, you need to make a decision about choosing the dimensions for the kitchen tap. Some standard sizes are:

Width: 2”, 3”,125”, 3,75”, 4,125”, 4,75”, 5”, 6”,125”, 12,5”;

Height: 6”, 6,5”, 7”, 8”, 11,5”, 14,25”, 14,125”, 15,75”, 17”, 18,5”;

Depth: 7“, 7,75”, 8 “, 8,25”, 9 “, 9,5 “, 9,75 “;

Furthermore, in correlation with the dimensions of the kitchen faucet, the dimension of your kitchen sink is very important while you are deciding on the right model. If you have a broad and deep kitchen sink, you can opt for a high faucet. If your sink is not so deep, then we advise you not to buy high taps because you will come to the conclusion that due to the water pressure from the high taps, there will be a splash of water outside your kitchen sink. Attention should also be given to the distance or horizontal dimension from the spout to the faucet connection with the sink to create the best position of the water flow (which is usually directed to the drain).

For such and similar reasons, you must know all the dimensions in your kitchen because, based on them, you can look for models of kitchen faucets that you like. Imagine finding yourself in a situation where you bought a faucet with a handle that controls the temperature, which is only possible by turning the handle backward. Mount it on your sink, let the water in, and you want to change the temperature, turn the handle back and realize that the handle cannot turn all the way back because there is not enough place. So you do not have hot water, your tap will be semi-functional.

Another item that is very important in deciding on the right kitchen faucet model is the sinkholes provided for the faucet installation. That, of course, applies to all those people who are looking for the sink mount faucets, not the wall mount ones. When you look at kitchen faucets, you will see expressions such as the 8-inch center expansion. That refers to the distance from the center of one hole to the center of the furthest hole on the other. Compare the information from the package based on what you have in your kitchen. It must match for it to fit. Some taps come with flexible tubes, so this allows for slightly wider differences in expansion. A significant role is a difference between renovating, replacing the old with a new one, or just moving into your new home, so you need to buy everything from scratch. For those who change old faucets with new ones, the choice is much smaller, because they have to focus on what can be installed. Unlike those people who just bought a new sink, they don’t have to be limited to the existing number of holes.

The prices of kitchen faucets vary significantly according to the quality of the material they are made of. For example, solid brass will visually enrich your kitchen. The material is very durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. The price of this faucet is a little higher, but it will last you longer and more reliably. A more expensive tap provides better service.

Another essential thing that can influence the choice of a faucet, if you have decided what dimensions you need, what is the municipal water or water flowing through the pipes in your home. We all know that water can be soft and hard. If you do not have filters for water purification and the water in your home is hard, we advise you to avoid certain faucets and find the best kitchen faucet for hard water.

The kitchen faucet with a sprayer will require a slightly larger sink if you do not want your entire kitchen to be wet after one dishwasher. In this case, you need to have three holes in the sink because the sparger requires one hole for mounting. And at the very end, you can always opt for taps with a magnetic base, so it won’t matter how many holes you need to have on the sink to install the faucet.

To summarize this article. The answer to the question of what is the ideal height for a kitchen faucet varies a lot. We cannot give you a complete and straightforward answer, because it depends on so many things, Are you changing the old faucet with a new one, so you have to fit into the already existing dimples, holes in the sink? Depth of the sink is very crucial as the answer to the question do you want to mount the tap on the wall or the sink? So you cannot choose any that you like, but you have to adjust to all dimensions, and only then can you attach importance to aesthetics. If the sink is in front of the window, the faucet, which is slightly higher than the lower part of the window, will look very nice, which of course, only comes into consideration if the sink is slightly deeper. So functionality ahead of aesthetics.


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