Best wall mount kitchen faucet with sprayer

As we wrote before, there are different styles, designs, and options on different types of kitchen faucets. They are coming in various colors, made from a wide array of materials, with or without different features so they can adequately fit to rest of your kitchen hardware and to your needs. Vintage or modern design, deck mounted or maybe best choice would be wall mounted kitchen faucet, when you consider all needs and options and decide how tall your kitchen faucet should be, you will have plenty of choices to make your kitchen complete.

A most common type is deck mounted faucet. Its the most economical solution and most straightforward to setup. Also, when it comes to repairs or maintenance, a deck mount is the simplest option. Every manufacturer was producing them in so many variants that are nearly impossible not to find one which will fit your demands and your wallet. But today, our aim is on wall mount kitchen faucets with sprayer. 

In general, wall mounted kitchen faucet is a less common option when it is in question which faucet to install in a classic kitchen. But because it has its advantages, it’s increasingly becoming a choice of experienced housewives and chefs in restaurant kitchens. Especially when you have limited space in the tight kitchen and/or you prefer an easy to clean countertop, a wall mount faucet, installed above the sink would probably be the best choice for you. It’s more complicated for setup because installation pipes going through the walls. For the same reason, its maintaining and fixing in case of an accident is more complicated and expensive and, in most cases, demands the help of a professional plumber. 

Like for classic, deck mount faucets, here we also have an array of various choices. From design, material, quality of production to the features they come with. Bridge, commercial, or pot filler design, with or without a sprayer, spray head, with one or two handles, vintage, retro, or modern style, colors – just name it!

There are few types of faucet with sprayer, first one with side sprayer, with pull out sprayer, with pull down sprayer and with a spray head. Every choice has its own pros and cons, and you will surely find one which will fit your needs. 

Faucet with pull out sprayer has a longer hose than a pull-down faucet, so you can rotate it to the side to fill pots on the countertop, for example. It has a lower profile, which is useful if you are working In a small area and less splashing. But, it’s not so suitable for filling tall pots. Option with pull down sprayer has a tall and angled spout, so its better choice for filling bigger pans and pots. It also has multiple spray options and allows you to pull out the head and extend it with a flexible hose, which can be directed right where you need it. On the other hand, on cheaper models, especially, faulty weights can cause the spout sprayer to waggle.

Wall mount faucet with side sprayer is probably the most flexible choice. It offers an autonomy of separate spray nozzle, which is linked to and using the same water supply pipe as the main tap. The sprayer is installed individually from the faucet, it’s more hygienic, and it can reach longer distances, but this choice gives higher chances of water splashing. Faucet with a single spray head doesn’t have an extension hose, but you can turn spray in any direction you want, and you can choose between few choices of stream, aerated, rain, or classic spray.

Here you can see some of the best solutions we have chosen for you.

Kingston Brass

This model is a simple, sleek, and it has a modern design in combination with plenty of useful features and durability. It is designed to provide optimum versatility and functionality. Made of solid brass, it allows you to clean smaller and more substantial dishes and pots easily, it has the ability to reach any area around your sink, and it has a dual function pull-down spray head to take up rough messes. It is highly recommended.

Elements of Design

This wall mount kitchen faucet with separated sprayer provides simplicity, vintage look, and high functionality. It is made from solid brass for reliability and durability. Premium color finish makes it resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Three hundred sixty degrees swivel spout with integrated removable aerator delivers 2.2 GPM (8.3. LPM) max at 60 PSI.

HomeLava Single Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet

The model we are presenting now to you is kitchen faucet made from premium stainless steel with ceramic valve. Added chrome finish for corrosion and tarnish resistance. Multiple functions – aerated flow, two water outmode, or powerful spray with button, can easily switch according to your need. Flexible and easy to use with 360 swivel spout reach and single handle hot/cold water control. Easy installation, with wall mount two-hole installation type. High-quality product with a lifetime warranty.

Kitchen Faucet Wall Mounted with Spring Swivel Spout

Made with Precision technology gives a bright appearance, coated with a high-quality anti-corrosion finish. Material is lead-free, provides scratch prevention; it is safe and environmentally friendly. This model is a water-saving faucet – it can save up to 30% of water. The water outlet is equipped with a high-quality ceramic valve and ABS bubbler, so water flow is stable and will not splash. Easy for installation and maintenance – you can simply use a wrench and rotate bubbler counterclockwise and regularly clean impurities to extend the service life of the faucet. Each product passed the ultra high-pressure hydraulic test, for up to 600000 cycles at 90 degrees.  It has five years of warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee.

The choice od the market is great, and your decision should be based on your needs. Consider all dimensions, keep in mind that how tall a kitchen faucet should be as well as if the water in your house is hard, it is essential that you look for the best kitchen faucets for hard water.


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