How to fix loose kitchen faucet spout

Depending on their financial situation, people tend to invest more or less money when buying certain things.  Indeed, quality is closely related to the price of the product, but it is not always so. After all, even the more expensive and higher quality items lose their original shape after a while and do not function as if they were brand new, which is normal. If we are talking about furnishing the kitchen itself, then we tend to buy something that is either of medium quality or more than that because the things in the kitchen we do not change as often.

Buying kitchen faucets depends on what will meet our needs, whether or not we need kitchen faucet to match our cabinet hardware, what design we want, what colour and material would meet our requirements. As there are many designs, sizes, shapes on the market, one of them is touchless kitchen faucets, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. When it comes to this particular type, pay attention to the pros and cons of touchless kitchen faucets before making a shopping decision. However, after a while, this detail in the kitchen can weaken its function, and then a major or minor repair is required.

Probably at least once in my life, you made a question “Is the faucet running or just dripping, what should I do?” Faucets that lead to both hot and cold water are most often to break at some point. Improper operation of the mixer can cause problems such as valve problems, damaged gasket, worn packing, worn thread on the body or spindle. Also, the cause of dripping of the faucet in the kitchen may be sand or rust particles that have settled between the gasket and the valve seat. As a result, the gasket becomes damaged when tightened and water leaks.

Single lever mixers with cartridge are most common between the households. When it comes to that type, there is only one lever to manipulate with hot and cold water supply. The most trivial malfunction can cause the cartridge to be replaced. You will need a small flat-blade screwdriver, an adjustable water key and a new cartridge to repair it. The first thing you need to do is block both hot and cold water. Then remove the top part of the lever (if there is a locking clip blocking access to the screw, remove it), unscrew the screw with a screwdriver. After that, be very careful while removing the lever and unscrewing the decorative cover that covers the cartridge nut. Using an adjustable wrench, unscrew the nut and remove the cartridge by hand. Insert a new cartridge and repeat all these steps but in reverse order. Return hot and cold water supply to normal and check faucet operation.

There are of course other ways, and we present them here.

The most important thing is to remove everything from your sink so you can work in peace without having the kitchen utensils interfere with your work and give you full access to the sink. Then locate the power valves and turn them clockwise to prevent water from flowing to the tap and thus prevent any disorder in the kitchen. Then the first thing on the list is to check the faucet handles. Find a screw with a retractable hexagon head, using a hexagon that must be of the correct size will unscrew the screw. Reinforce the decorative caps with a flat head screwdriver, lift them to find the screw with the attachments, and tighten them in line with the others. This procedure should clamp the handle, and the handles will no longer be loose. Once everything is tightened, you can only replace lined lids or other accessories. Maintain your faucet according to the material from what it is made. It will look and work like new. Finally, check the operation of the faucet and repeat all procedures if you feel it is necessary.

If we are talking about tightening the base of your faucet, the procedure itself is possible. Still, it is a little more complicated than the methods described above because of the body position you have to be in order to perform this procedure. In this case, you will need access below your sink and also a flashlight to be able to see everything correctly and avoid potential mistakes. Close the hot and cold water supply as described above. Look for nuts that support the base of your sink faucet. You must have the right tool to tighten the nuts clockwise. It is sometimes advisable to buy new and replace the old nuts. Tighten the nuts as far as you can, return the water supply and check that everything is in order.

Man fixing kitchen sink

All the above processes, more specifically, the methods described in this article, do not require much time and attention. You do not need a lot of knowledge, and you do not always need to call a handyman to do it for you. If you have enough free time, desire and motivation, you can do everything by yourself. In some situations, if your faucet is very old, and after all of the above procedures, you realize that repair is not possible, it might be a good idea to buy a new faucet. In this case, you need to look for models that can be mounted on your sink. That means that the dimensions and model must fit; otherwise, you will not be able to mount it on the sink. If you decide to buy a new faucet, you can keep up with the time and buy touchless kitchen faucet because it has many benefits. Due to its design, the presence of bacteria in your sink and on the faucet is greatly reduced. Maintaining, a more accurate, cleaning of this faucet is very simple because you are not in direct contact with the tap, so it is not necessary to clean it very often.

This kind of occurrence in your kitchen can be very frustrating, so look for the right tool accordingly, try to apply these methods, or at the end, you can always decide to buy a new faucet.


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