5 best spatulas for cast iron

Healthy cooking, even heating, preservation of vitamins and aromas, self-soaking, energy and time savings are possible if you have cast iron utensils at home. This type of material is virtually indestructible if it is used correctly, and it can last for a lifetime. Even when the utensils are old and rusty, it is possible using them for food preparation without any worries. With utensils made of this kind of material, you can cook on the induction hob, on the rings, and in all other places where you are used for cooking your favourite meals. When you decide to prepare food on the hob with something made of iron cast, it will give an effect of an oven, because the lid will also emit heat as well as the bottom.

It is necessary to learn how utensils made of cast iron is maintained. When it comes to cleaning itself, it is essential to know that after use you have to let it cool down completely, because if you put it under cold water, the material will juice up and it will be damaged. We recommend that you pour boiling water into the cooled pan and allow it to rest for a while before you start washing it. Avoid making soap, clean it in warm water with a sponge, then dry it thoroughly. Never leave in a wet sink. If you do not wipe the pan clean and forget it, it will surely create a little rust or at least change colour. If this happens only with a sponge, rub a large amount of large salt into the damaged pan with a sponge and wash it in warm water. After that, oil it the outside and the inside, and that is it.

There is a difference between the utensils made of cast iron. You can find ones that are coated with an enamel layer inside or on the outside. It can be covered with an adhesive layer on the inside, and it can be completely stripped without any coatings. Avoid preparing acidic foods in a container without any coating because the iron directly reacts with the acid, which will always change the taste and appearance of the food. On the other hand, this material is perhaps the best option for frying meat as it gives an incredibly good crispy crust. When coating casting with oil, it is best to use plain sunflower oil because it reacts best in high temperatures.

Tiny scratches can change the taste of the food you store. It is not recommended to keep it hanging from other pans if they collide with each other. If you keep it on a shelf and occasionally put smaller dishes in it, put a paper towel first so that it does not scratch its bottom. 

In addition to cleaning and maintenance, as well as where you store these dishes, the utensils you use while cooking is essential. Depending on the way you prepare the meal, as well as the type of it, the accessories you need will depend.

Since spatula is something we use most often, we have selected five different types for you so you can cook without thinking and worrying about destroying your cast iron vessels.

Wooden spatulas are definitely the best choice you can make. The spatula of this material will serve you for years, and it is necessary to know that you should not keep them submerged in water. Wash and dry them immediately after use. If they have kept odours from food, they should occasionally be scrubbed with a sharp brush dipped in a mixture of salt and vinegar, and then rinsed with warm water. This kind of spatulas can be made in different dimensions. It can serve a variety of purposes from mixing food in a pan or pot to making pastry and bread dough.

A silicone spatula is a choice you should make if you have more different cast iron utensils because it is very delicate and has its advantages. The most significant advantage is that it has adjustable angles that easily slide around the edges of any dish. It’s great for making cakes, too. This material can withstand very high temperatures without being destroyed. Avoid washing and cleaning in a dishwasher, unless the handle itself is made of silicone. If the handle is made of any other material, we recommend hand wash after each use.

Stainless Steel spatula is perfect for all types of baking. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be entirely made of stainless steel, but most often it is combined with the wooden handle. Some of the stainless steel spatulas are made of hardened steel, which has the advantage when it comes to the cast iron pots. This type of spatula is great rolling over the pancakes and eggs on a frying pan. They are easy to maintain. If it is combined with wooden handle, do not wash it in a dishwasher, wash it by hand.

A bamboo wooden spatula is an eco-friendly material that will not damage your dishes and its heat resistant. A spatula made from bamboo wood will not affect the taste of the food and is unlikely to absorb the aroma of the food itself. When this material is damaged after long use, do not continue to use it, you should buy a new one.

Nylon spatulas are the easiest to maintain because they can be washed in a dishwasher. You need to find one that is made of high-quality plastic that is resistant to high temperatures. This material is flexible so that it facilitates the baking of various types of dishes. They are best for turning pancakes on a frying pan, as well as making various types of omelettes.

Except for the type of material, spatulas differ in dimensions and purpose. It is your choice to choose a spatula based on your needs and maintenance. Keep in mind that you should maintain this kitchen accessory properly so that you can use it as long as possible.

All cooking lovers know the importance of having the best kitchen utensil set that will allow you to prepare food faster and easier.


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