What size pressure cooker should I buy

There are many benefits to using a pressure cooker while you are preparing and cooking your favorite dishes. If you are used to this product, then you know that a pressure cooker will save you time, money and electricity. It facilitates and accelerates food preparation while preserving the taste, smell, and nutritional value of foods that are cooked. Cooking in a pressure cooker is better, faster, and healthier. This product makes it much easier and quicker for you to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Cooking in a pressure cooker has proven to be the most nutritious. Compared to traditional cooking, slow cooking, even steaming, boiling in an express pot saves the highest amount of nutrients from foods. That is believed to be due to the reduced heat treatment time due to high pressure.

Cooking in a pressure cooker is happening under increased pressure. As a result, it boils water at 120 ° C instead of the usual 100 ° C. The higher the temperature, the shorter the cooking time, so that you can cook individual foods as much as 70% faster and on average 30-50% more quickly. Once the desired pressure is reached, the remaining cooking will be at a reduced temperature. Not only do you save electricity by cooking shorter, but it also makes your stove less engaging. Most of the time, you waste your liberty is spent by continually performing around the stove – controlling the food, stirring, being careful not to burn, not to scorch, not to make a mess, and the like. There is no such waste of time with this product. Simply insert all the food into it, adjust it, and do not think until the end of cooking. Cooking in a pressure cooker keeps vitamins and minerals, which is very important for the proper functioning of the body. It is not that your meals will be prepared quickly, using this type of cooker is also extremely healthy and delicious, and there is nothing healthier than cooked food without any oil. These meals contain cooked vegetables and meats with an abundance of minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins. Cooked meals and boiled vegetables have a beneficial effect on digestion so that there is no feeling of difficulty in the stomach.  We often eat fast food from the street, losing the habit of eating cooked meals together with your family. Fast food is caloric and tempts us to consume it in large quantities. Prepared meals are eaten with pleasure, slower, and therefore satiated with smaller portions, while enjoying a delicious meal in the family.

Before you decide to buy this product and what size would suit you best, you should keep in mind that using a pressure cooker can be dangerous if you are unable to use it. Before using the pressure cooker, make sure that the safety systems are in order and that they are clean. Always check the rubber seal to make sure it is not damaged. Before you start cooking, try to test it. Adjust the pressure, pour only water before adding food. That will be sure that everything is in place and make sure everything is working well. The amount of water should never exceed one half of a cooker. Also, keep in mind that the food you put in the cooker will release some water as well. If you cook meals that will spread when cooking, then you should pour less than one half of the water. You need to use enough water to create steam, which will allow food to be cooked. The liquid inside must be present inside all the time. If you think that you have not put the necessary amount of water inside and the steam is not generated, carefully open the cooker and add some more water. If you forget to pour water at all, be aware that damage to the safety and sealing elements can occur. If you want to use oil, keep it in minimal quantities.

To know in precisely what moment the food will start to be prepared, know that it is the moment when the steam on the safety valve appears. There is a prescribed cooking time for each type of food. If we are talking about vegetables, then it is about ten minutes, while for meat it takes a minute more, for frozen meat about half an hour, while for legumes a maximum of ten minutes. When your meal is cooked, never open your pressure cooker immediately. Wait for a few minutes, and then you can remove it from the stove, wait for the pressure to drop, and then open it. One trick is to pour cold water over the lid. Remember to use a pressure relief valve to get all the steam out. During this procedure, be sure to keep the body away from the valve so that the steam does not burn your skin or your eyes. It is advised to use protective gloves while using the pressure cooker. The pressure cooker can only be opened if the pressure inside has dropped. After each use, you must wash the parts that can be washed. You can flap the valve with a wooden toothpick and always check that be easily started.

Now, let us answer you on the main question in this article. What size of the pressure cooker you should buy. Well, there is no simple answer to this question. It depends on so many things. First of all, it depends on how often you want to use it.  If you want to buy one to use it every day, then you should know that you are going to need a bigger size. Then, what type of food you want to prepare inside. If you are going to use it only for rice and vegetables, then smaller options are also fine. It also depends on how many people you will prepare your meals. More people will need more food, that means if you will use this product every day and you have a big family, you will need to buy a big pressure cooker. That means, for a big family, it is necessary to be the eight-quart size. On the other hand, if you cook for four people, then from 3 to six-quart size will be enough.

And finally, if you decided to buy a pressure cooker, keep in mind that many people deciding to buy instant pot, so consider all the features of pressure cooker vs. instant pot. And depending on what meals you want to cook, the cooker may vary, so you may also want to check out what is the best pressure cooker for canning. Some stainless steel cookers are very popular because they are easier to maintain and made of high-quality steel.


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