How to prevent cutting yourself in the kitchen

As we cook and prepare our favourite meals, it can happen to cut ourselves while we are using a knife. That is very common. When cutting fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, we often do not use proper knives, or we are not careful enough, it can happen to cut more or less a part of a hand or a finger. Sometimes it is a small cut, sometimes a little more significant, so it can take up to a few minutes for the bleeding to stop, and those least cautious end up in the hospital. There are so many ways to increase caution and protect yourself against potential cuts

  1. Be present at the moment. As you cook and prepare food using knives, do not let your thoughts fly around and focus on what you are doing. Carelessness is the most common reason for various cuts. It is often the case that while preparing food, people think of other things, of problems that plague them, of obligations to complete, of future or past events, and accordingly, various injuries occur.
  2. Do not use anything you do not know how to use. Different types of knives are not for playing and trying out. It would be helpful if you have someone to show you how to use it before you try it yourself.
  3. Try to keep your knives sharp always. A blunt blade will cause you to have to use more force while cutting what is to be cut. In that case, your knife or food can slip out of your hands, and you will be easily injured. When the blades are sharpened and at a proper distance from your fingers while using them, you will be able to cut food quickly, with less chance of injury.
  4. Use knives for what they are intended for. Do not use knives as a screwdriver to unscrew a screw. Do not open cans with knives. Do not cut bones with different knives, but only with the rectangle which is a meat chopper. Different knives are used for different uses. Cut the bread with the cutters provided for it. The same goes for fruits, vegetables, unprepared meat, roast meat and fish.
  5. Always use a cutting board. Do not cut your food on any other substrate. Buy a substrate for this purpose, and it would be best if it is a wooden one. This way, you will protect yourself, your knife and your kitchen platform.
  6. Keep your fingers away from the blade, and this will protect you further.
  7. While cutting your food, always start with the tip of the knife, so if you can see that you can evidently hurt yourself, you will have time to bend your fingers and prevent injury.
  8. If your knife falls out of hand, do not try to catch it while it is falling. To us, all people, this is a conditional reflex, but it is better to fall on the floor and then wash it and prepare it for further work compare to catch it as it falls.
  9. It happens that we do not deliberately grab the blade knife instead of the handle when we need to get it from where it is otherwise. Try to make a habit of always holding the knife by its handle.
  10. It can help you if it is very often hurting yourself while doing something in the kitchen, using gloves while preparing food. There are so many different protective gloves on the market today, find the one that works best for you.
  11. Cut away from, not toward, your body.
  12. Do not try to lick food leftovers from your knife. In this case, you are causing yourself possible injuries.
  13. Try to have a special place to store all the blades and do not mix them with other household tools or clamps. It can be a unique knife stand, magnet, box, bag, or anything for that purpose.
  14. If anything falls out of your hands and by that, we do not mean only knives, but any glass, crystal, marble items, do not collect with your own hands. Not even a broom is enough to pick it up from the floor only but adequately use a vacuum cleaner for those smaller parts that have spilt all over the kitchen.
  15. Do not leave anything sharp in the reach of children. Let everything in your kitchen have its place and make sure you put where it belongs after using it.

In the end, if you anyway cut yourself, keep in mind that it takes a while for the wound to heal correctly. If you happen to have a cut around your cheekbone or wrist or ankle, bleeding can take quite a while. You may not have known, but there are many magical ingredients in our kitchen, which can help to stop the bleeding. If you ever find yourself in a situation where the cut does not heal at all, try this trick, and after only ten to thirty seconds, the bleeding will stop. The ingredient is red pepper powder, which is the main ingredient in many dishes, and it has an additional purpose. Put some powdered peppers on your cut and wait for the bleeding to stop. It may seem crazy to you, but this ingredient equalizes blood pressure, and when our blood pressure equalizes, the blood clots and the wound begins to close. Never apply alcohol or disinfectant to an open wound while the wound is still bleeding. This also applies to anything that is hot because heat promotes bleeding. The cut can be placed under cold water until the bleeding stops. 

However, in order to avoid using any ingredients, patches, or going to the hospital, try to apply the pieces of advice and prevent any injuries in the future. Enjoy your cooking and do not let anything to bother you in that magnificent moment.

Be careful and be present in the moment, which is the highest level of protection you need to prevent any type of injury. And, that is not that hard. Better safe than sorry.


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