Should I use Knife Or Shears While Cooking

No one can answer this question with certainty. It all depends on the situation, the material/food to be prepared, the purpose and of course, your personal choice. Now let’s try to understand which of these tools is a better partner in the kitchen, when and why. The list of appliances, tools and accessories that make it easy for us to prepare delicious meals in the kitchen every day is too long, but the knife is the first and most faithful companion since ancient times. The scissors didn’t come much later, but their use in the kitchen did. Today, knives and scissors are used in many situations in everyday life, including in the kitchen.

Consequently, knives come in many different shapes, sharpness, made of different materials, etc. But generally, although you can cut a pizza with a knife for bread, there are special knives and specific scissors for every particular need. As we said, the materials are different, and mostly you will choose them according to your personal needs and the amount of money you are ready to set aside for knives and scissors. Look for quality material, because a real quality blade can cost a lot.

Today, the blades are mostly made of steel. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, ceramics and carbon. Some countries are known for the traditional production of really high-quality knives (Germany, France, Japan, USA), so by choosing one of the reputable manufacturers in these countries, you can not go wrong. But let’s get back to using part.

It is better to have more different knives for different purposes. E.g. Fish fillet knife bears the title “sharpest knife in the kitchen“. When you want to cut fish into fillets as thin as yoghurt, the blade has to be sharp and elastic, which is why this knife has to be of exceptional quality. Then, bread knives are crucial when you need to cut bread without kneading or straight edges. It is serrated and long, rounded at the top so that you can cut bread without difficulties. It is also useful if you want to cut a biscuit for cake or some fruit, melon or watermelon, its length makes it easy for you. Satara – people often forget it, and without it, it would simply be impossible to cut meat with bones, chicken or hard foods like frozen food. It is a large and heavy knife, with a long handle, so do not be afraid to use it. Auxiliary knife. That is an essential knife in the kitchen and one of the knives which are always in your hand. You can use it for everything, to cut all types of fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs. It is also suitable for cleaning, peeling, and chopping. The paring knife or auxiliary knife has a shorter blade, handle and a sharp tip. It can often be serrated. We usually use them when we peel fruits or vegetables. It must be sharp to avoid to get stuck, kneaded or thickly peeled. In doing so, when using a fruit knife, the finger is always in front of the blade, and therefore it mustn’t be blunt as it can easily slip and cause injury. A sharp peeling knife removes the shell thinly, precisely and in larger pieces without interruption. That significantly shortens the peeling time and is of higher quality because it cleanses the fruits with less loss. The sharp tip is ideal for removing seeds, kernels and petioles, and the shorter blade length makes it safe in hand as well. The blades can be sold individually or in sets, with a handle for openings for each knife individually, which is made of wood, high-quality plastic or steel, and at the same time can be a beautiful detail in the kitchen. It also makes knives more easily accessible and always in one place.

A knife is a useful tool, but kitchen shears also have their advantages. For example, it is much easier to cut a chicken and split it into pieces with the help of poultry shears without any fatigue or acrobatics, since they are designed for ease of use. They are usually made of stainless steel (both blade and handle) for easy maintenance. On the lower part of the handle, they typically have a safety “lock” to close when not in use and to ensure that you or one of the people in the house is not injured. They can also be used for other types of cutting where precision is required. A set of knives like this is vitally needed when you get married and start living with a partner.

Seafood scissors are similar, but they usually have a slightly shorter blade. It will make it easier for you to break, cut and separate the body of shrimp or shrimp from armour. With them, you can separate the tail, legs and armour and then you are much more comfortable to peel the rest and get to the meat. The same can be used to break nuts. Also, there are handy multi-functional kitchen scissors that carry a whole range of accessories, like a real swiss army knife. There is an accessory on a peel for vegetables or a fish cleanser to clean the scabbard in the blink of an eye. On the opposite side of it is usually a part of the blade structure intended for filleting the same fish! These shears are designed to have a bone-cutting accessory, a bottle opener for ordinary bottles or wines, a nut-cracker, etc. They really facilitate and speed up the food preparation process. Usually, the blades are made of stainless steel, and the handles are of high-quality plastic so that both elements guarantee the durability of the tool, as well as the safety, that they do not slip out of your hand and thus not cause injury.

Triple-blade scissors are perfect for chopping herbs. With them when preparing your favourite sauce, for example, the herbs will be evenly chopped, and you will feel its full taste because these shears do not rot but just cut through all three blades. There are other examples of applying both types of knives and scissors, but I think we have listed the most important ones. There is no dilemma; both types of blade are needed and useful in the kitchen. I hope we made it easy for you to make the right choice.


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