How to Stay Comfortable While On Bed Rest

You must have been in the situation at least once in your life when your doctor ordered you to spend days or weeks resting in bed. It certainly sounds like a dream at first. A day or two would be a perfect period to rest and escape from daily obligations, but staying idle for a more extended period can be extremely tiring for our psyche and our body. The term Bed rest is often used to indicate that our activities are restricted. Doctors order us to rest for weeks in several situations: during a high-risk pregnancy, a postoperative period, if we have the flu, after which the body needs time to recover, in case of a fracture of some part of the body, and other similar situations.

In addition to the benefits that this (in) activity can bring you, and what your doctor has suggested, if you struggle with high blood pressure or if you are exposed to stress at your work every day, you will finally have to distance your self and help to heal faster. Now you will have enough time to watch that tv series you have been going to for a long time or to read a book you borrowed from a friend months ago, but your busy lifestyle didn’t allow. You will finally have time to devote yourself and things you have not been able to. If the reason for the bed rest is a high-risk pregnancy, you must listen carefully and follow the advice of your doctor to ensure that everything is going well.

What is undoubtedly a big problem when you need to spend a lot of time in bed is physical inactivity. When it comes to physical changes in your body, bed rest can lead to back pain, swelling of the legs, constipation, skin irritation, muscle atrophy, blood clots or even bone loss. Of course, everything depends on the period prescribed for you to spend lying down. When it comes to psychic changes, you may experience anxiety, mood swings, loss of appetite, feelings of sadness, and depression.

The most important thing is to stay healthy while your activities are limited. You should consult your doctor about what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do, and on that basis, make a plan and program so that every day is not similar to the previous one and to reduce the side effects. Keep in mind that your bedside table will be much needed to dispose of medicines, creams, water, food, books and everything else you need at all times.

Move around the house as much as you are allowed to if you are. If you are able to walk at least to the toilet, kitchen, yard or terrace, do it, your body will be grateful to you. If you are forbidden to exercise and walk, try to find some exercises that you can do in the bed that will allow you to use muscles that are not injured or that will not hurt your pregnancy. Find a way to be active at least a little bit. When it comes to skin irritation, ask someone to buy you certain creams that will prevent it and apply them daily. When you are in the same position for a long time, these types of wounds hardly heal, so prevent them accordingly before it appears in the first place. Try to find a position in the bed that will reduce back pain, try to help yourself with pillows, and use an excellent mattress which is right for you. A perfect mattress is something that is a must. An essential point when it comes to the bed rest is diet. It is very important what you will bring into your body in those days. Physical inactivity with a standard or increased intake leads to changes in the intestinal flora, constipation or diarrhoea, a decrease in concentration, a change in mood and loss or gain on kilograms. Try to eat healthily and eat moderately and slowly. Find the diet that works best for you and be consistent in it. Ask someone in the house to help you with food preparation. When it comes to body hygiene, it may be too much to talk about, but in the case of restricted movement in your home, equip yourself with wet wipes and a minimum of the minimum you can afford if you cannot take a shower or take a bath every day. Help your body recover and more easily survive the course of recovery. Think about water intake. While we are active, we need more water, and it is hard to forget to drink enough, but while we are inactive, our body does not require as much usually, and it is easy to forget to intake as much as needed.

When it comes to our mental health, this is the perfect opportunity for self-improvement. Find an online course that you wanted to listen to and learn. It is the ideal time to work on new abilities. Maybe to start learning a new language which has been appealing to you since always. Now you have time to focus on the basics of that language. It is a perfect moment to talk to all the people you have neglected for work. Whether it is friends who live abroad or family and relatives who live near you but have not had the opportunity to meet them more often, invite them, share memories, plans, spread love. You can read books that interest you. It doesn’t matter if it is for fun or something related to business, now you have the opportunity to expand your perspectives and immerse yourself in a new world and escape from reality. Watch movies and series that interest you. There is undoubtedly some genre you love, but so far, it has been a waste of your time. Start writing a diary, you have certainly not done it for a long time, and everything is much easier when it is written down on the paper. Make plans for your future, plan your next summer or winter break and listen to music. If you are workaholic, and you are able to work, try doing something online. Make the days you have to spend in the bed much more comfortable. Think of your body and your mind at the same time.


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