How to use a table saw

If you love DIY projects, you are aware that you always need the right tools that will allow you to work efficiently and quickly without compromising the quality of work you do. In this case, you are undoubtedly already familiar with the machine we call a table saw. As you may already know, a table saw is a tool that is attached to the bottom of the table, while only the blade is on the top of the table. Of course, while using this machine, you only need a blade. This is probably the best tool you can have if you are doing woodwork projects. A table saw will make it easier for you to create any kind of wood art faster and easier.

Stone saws can come in many sizes and shapes, and anyone who is a wood chipper (it doesn’t matter are you a hobbyist or you have developed a good business of it) is aware of how productive this tool is because it will make the whole process more precise and practical. By purchasing this tool, you will be able to cut boards, straighten crooked boards, make each wooden board as even as possible, etc. Depending on what type of wood you work with, look for a suitable table saw accordingly. Of course, you also rely on how much money you are willing to spend on this tool. You can always find the best table saw for the money. If you have only worked with wood such as plywood or pine so far, then you do not need this tool. But one this is for sure, you need to know how to be safe with a table saw.

What is a table saw consists of

A fence is a part of the machine that is placed together with the table and allows precise cuts to be achieved. The price of the table saw depends on the quality of the fence itself. The most important thing to look for is the blade parallel. Keep in mind that when you need it, you can always buy this part separately and at a higher quality than the one you had.

Left or right tilt is part of a table saw that allows you to adjust the inclination of the blade and therefore, to cut different angles.

The miter gauge is a part that is placed in the workspace itself, and it is a small t-shaped tool. Its role is to direct the wood you are cutting to pass through the blades of this tool. When buying a saw table, always pay attention to this part, it should not be very loose.

The engine is that part of the machine that gives it power and conducts electricity. Most tables saw motors have power from 1 to 2 horsepower.

A saw blade is an essential part of this machine. Most table saws have a 10 to the 12-inch blade. The quality of the material of the blade and the finish of the blade play an important role. The blades can be various and designed for specific purposes.

Tabletop is the most crucial part of this machine. It has to be completely straight. This part essentially dictates the price of a table saw. In most models, this part is made of cast iron and covers about 24 inches of the entire table surface.

Types of cuts

You should know that there are three types of cuts that you can perform on the table saw. The first one is a cross-cut, which is considered to be a cut across the narrower direction on the board. To perform this kind of cut, you need to use a miter gauge. The other type of cut is a ripping cut. This one goes down the length of the board. You need to set up the fence to be your guide if you want to achieve this type. And the last one is a dado cut, which is most often used in joinery. With a special blade, you can achieve this type, but otherwise, use the fence or miter gauge to get this right.

Be aware of the fact that the table saw is capable of making two angled cuts. The first one is done by setting the angle on the miter gauge. The other one is relative to the plane of the table, and it is accomplished by tilting the blade over. You have a wheel to change the angle, which is located on the side of the table saw.

How to set up the blade height

We recommend that you set up the blade 1/8 inch above the top of the material you need to cut. If you are not careful, there is no right height, which will help you to avoid injuries. Be present at the moment while you are working with this machine.

How to adjust the fence

First and foremost, it is essential to know that the fence is used to cut pieces of wood lengthwise accurately. The fence is operated by a lever located at the front of the machine. To adjust the width of the required cross-section, you have to lift the handle, and the railing will slide sideways. If you want to measure, you need to raise the blade. Keep in mind that if the lever is all the way up, the fence will become unsquare to the blade. In that case, you need to lower the lever. This step will take most of the angles out of the fence. Always take measurements from the fence to both the front and the back of the blade to make sure they are the same.

For the end

If you didn’t know much about this tool by now, we advise you to do a detailed analysis of which table saw would best suit your needs. There is a large selection of saws for each table that have their own specialty and will help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently. If you already own this tool, remember to maintain it regularly and sharpen the blades on it. For this, you need to know how to sharpen the table saw blades. Finally, be careful while using this tool, and we encourage you to start creating art while using this machine, but before that, learn how to use a table saw.


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