How to paint a mailbox

If you are bored with the classic mailbox look, or you do not like the fact that the color has faded in the sun, it may be that the material is rusty if you live in the rainy and cold parts of the world, then we advise you to take matters into your own hands and restore the look your mailbox. In this article, you will have the opportunity to read what you need for this project, as well as a full explanation of how to paint your mailbox step by step. In case you want to add some decorations, it is also not a bad idea, and creativity is always desirable.

1. Preparation

The first step involves preparation for painting. To do anything, you need to remove your mailbox from the point where it is placed. Be careful with the screws so you do not lose them as you will need them at the very end when the whole process is done to put the mailbox back in place. If you can’t remove it from the stand, you need to mask everything around the box, so you don’t paint anything else. Then, remove all parts from the mailbox. And that includes numbers, doorknobs, hooks, and flags. If you do not want to remove these parts, then you have to cover them with something so that they will not be painted. The next step involves cleaning with a universal cleaner and sponge. All dirt and dust must be thoroughly removed in order for paint to be applied to the inboxes. In case you want to paint the stand as well, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. When everything is clean and washed, allow a few hours to dry well. To remove rust or mildew, you must use a wire brush or sandpaper. If you want the substrate to be painted smooth, you can use an electric grinder. Be sure to wipe off any dust residue, because if you do not, the color will be uneven. Use paint tape to cover any parts you do not want to paint.

2. Priming and painting your mailbox

For this step in the project, choose a day that is free of wind and rain. If the humidity is high, the paint will not dry properly. Even a too-hot day is not good because the paint will dry out too quickly. Never do this indoors do it outside because you don’t want to breathe in chemicals that are not good for your health – it can create a headache. The first step is to apply a primer in the spray. This step must be thoroughly done. If you want the most neutral base, it can be medium gray. You need to keep the spray 6 to 8 inches away from the mailbox. Apply the primer in a few thin layers with light and even strokes. First, the outer part of the box, then open the lid and apply to the inner part. When the primer is well dried, you can apply the first coat of paint. We recommend that the paint be in the spray and that the distance between the spray and the box should be the same 6 to 8 inches. Use gentle side-to-side movements. Fold each move slightly to avoid creating gaps. Color the mailbox once the lid is closed and once the lid is open. Never close the lid while the paint is wet. If you were unable to remove the flag during the first preparation step, remember to move it up and down while painting the box. We recommend applying three coats of paint, and it is crucial between each coat to leave the mailbox dry thoroughly. You can also paint other parts of the box such as flag, hooks and latch in the same way, first with primer, then with color. You can match the color to the color of the mailbox itself, or you can choose a different color. Contrast is not a bad idea. For example, if you painted the mailbox white, all other parts could be black.

Note: If your paint seems dry to the touch, this does not necessarily mean that all the layers of paint below the finish are completely dry. Some colors take 2-4 hours to dry. And with some colors up to 72 hours to dry and harden. Please note that the weather will affect the drying process. When the air is dry, there are no signs of rain or snow, and the sun is not so strong, these are ideal conditions. At the very end, when everything is ready, you can attach the flag, hooks, and buckles back. Make sure everything is turned properly, and nothing is changing. Return the mailbox to where it originally stood, screw in all that is needed so that nothing is loose.

3. Priming and painting the post

This step is not necessary and, of course, depends on how your mailbox is set up. In case you have a post, you can color it as well. Remove numbers from the surface, scratch the entire surface to remove all dirt. You can always fill holes and cracks using wood fillers. Apply two coats of primer using a brush or foam roller. Then apply the paint in two coats. In this case, too, every primer or paint coat must take some time to dry thoroughly. You can always paint numbers that are not there. In this case, you need paint for the metal.


It’s time for creativity and decoration. This step is only necessary if you want to decorate your mailbox. We will leave this step to you to decide on a pattern and everything else.

In the end, if you decide to buy a new mailbox, keep in mind that you can find various locking mailboxes for packages. When you decide to set up your new mailbox, you need to know how high a mailbox should be. If you don’t have concrete to place your new mailbox in, you need to find a way to install a mailbox post without concrete.


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