How to spray paint cabinets

If you decide to freshen up the look in your kitchen and plan to do it with painting kitchen elements with a sprayer, in this article, we will try to give you some basic guidelines. The idea is excellent, but you should keep in mind the fact that the most crucial requirement is that the kitchen elements in your kitchen are in good condition. Just as painting walls can refresh and completely change the look of your home, so painting elements in the kitchen can give it a whole new look and give it an old glow. Painting kitchen elements is not a very expensive alternative, it will change the design of your kitchen, but it is not as simple as you might think, although it is not impossible. It requires a little more preparation than painting the walls, for example. If you think this adventure is a little demanding for your level of mastery around the house, many professionals would be happy to take the job and do it for you. If you still want to do it by yourself, we will try to explain you the whole process step by step.

Step one-you should make a plan

The first step involves making a complete plan. In this regard, it is understood that to estimate how much material you will need, you need to measure all the dimensions of all kitchen cabinets accordingly. The second part of the plan involves calculating how long this adventure will last. In order not to rush and finish the whole process correctly, to avoid being disappointed at the end of the entire process, calculate how long it will take to finish everything slowly and thoroughly without anxiety and frustration. If your kitchen cabinets are entirely flat, the project will be more comfortable and faster to complete, and if they have some details and irregularities, it will take a little longer. And finally, the third part of the plan involves planning the finances. Put on paper what you need from the material and in what amount, and how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets.

Step two-choose the right color and material

Since you are not a professional in this job, we would like to advise you to bring one door of the kitchen cabinet to the store with you, and the seller will help you to make the best choice when it comes to the right material and color. The kitchen components require a lot of quality paint. Avoid buying the cheapest paint, as kitchen elements are used a lot, so you don’t want the paint to peel off quickly. First, you will choose the base and color to apply for this project. Think twice what color to paint kitchen cabinets because you will not do this very often. White and gray are always in style and will easily fit into any kitchen design. Pastel colors add warmth and light, and the combination of the two different colors is also fashionable.

Step three – disassemble all parts

This step involves removing all parts, cabinet drawer doors, handles, and hinges. Never paint kitchen cabinets in the kitchen without first disassembling them. It may sound that the whole process would be faster and easier, but you will have a big problem, and it will cost you a lot more at the end. Mark everything that you disassembled and removed so that you know in which order to return. A piece of crepe tape glued to each part, and the location you have written on it will get the job done. If you intend to replace old handles or hinges with new ones and need to change or drill new holes, do so immediately and fill in any unnecessary holes with a special wood mass that you can also buy in the paint shop. The seller will tell you which product is best to use for that purpose.

Step four-prepare the desktop

For the whole job to be done successfully, in the end, to look lovely and harmonious, you need to clean all the kitchen cabinet surfaces that you plan to paint. Since the kitchen is a work area, there is always plenty of dirt and grease. The color you are using will not be able to adhere to dirty parts. After cleaning everything in detail, wait for it to get dry.

Step five-sanding

This step involves using sandpaper, and the whole process may take a little while. No one likes to sand, but the entire work surface needs to be flat and smooth so that color can be distributed equally. Lightly, with gentler sandpaper, scrub off any surfaces that need to be painted. Wood elements can only be sanded with fine sandpaper, although they have been previously painted. And if the previous paint goes off, you’ll have to remove it with stronger sandpaper completely. During sanding, be careful not to damage the edges. After sanding, clean all surfaces thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and a cloth.

Step six – putting the substrate for painting

The substrate you use should be of superior quality and adapted to the material of your kitchen cabinets (wood, metal, laminate). This step is essential so that the previous color does not break out and is visible after painting. Use crepe tape to protect the edges, and you can apply the substrate with a brush or roller designed for this purpose.

Step seven-painting

The most important step is coming. You need to mix one liter of paint in a bucket with half a glass of water and one-eighth of Floetrol color additives because water and Floetrol even out the paint and slow the drying process when applied. Put this combination in a paint sprayer for the cabinets. Wear a mask over your face when painting to avoid inhaling these chemicals. Before you start coloring, take any sample and test the sprayer and color. When painting, use not only the wrists but the entire hand. After testing, it’s time to paint the kitchen cabinets. First, paint the backs, start painting the edges. Always keep the nozzle within 10 to 12 inches. After the edges are painted, start from the top of the door and always paint in a sweeping motion back and forth.

Step eight-assembling kitchen cabinets

When everything is completely dry, you are ready to place your new, fantastic kitchen cabinets back in its place. Resist the challenge of doing this too early, so you don’t have to go back to one of the previous steps again and do everything from the beginning. 


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