How to clean a smelly drain in bathroom sink

The unpleasant odour you smell from a bathroom or kitchen is from the widespread problem. We all happen to feel the bad smell in the bathroom. The worst-case scenario is that you have guests in the house or apartment at that moment, and you cannot act immediately and counteract the unpleasant odour.

There are various bathroom faucets for the sinks. Many people spend a lot of money to equip their bathroom with high-quality products, so it is necessary to maintain each of them more than adequately. Not just to avoid blockages and odours. It doesn’t matter what type of faucets you have in your toilet; the problem with odours are common among all brands.

The smell comes from the drain. The cause of the unpleasant smell is always the same, which is a siphon. The siphon is a metal, plastic solid or elastic “S” shaped tube. In the siphon in the lower lobe, water is retained, which prevents odours from spreading from the sewage system. Unpleasant smells can be spread by air, but as we all know, smells cannot be spread through water or any fluids. If you have a problem with odour, it is necessary to determine which of the siphons is defective and replace it with a new siphon. We recommend a qualified plumber to replace a siphon. It often happens that people try to replace the siphon on their own and do significant damage that only a plumber can later remove.

You have probably noticed that the water goes into the drain much slower when you wash your hands, teeth, hair, or while taking a shower, it probably means that the drain is only horribly clogged. The question of how to clear a blockage in a bathroom arises in almost every person. As an outlet of all trades and an ordinary housewife can come across this, this is a common thing. Unless the water goes away, or worse, pulling back, the awful and odd smell will appear, and using the bathroom is not only not comfortable, but it will be impossible.

Here are some tips and tricks which will help you to avoid or fix blockages in the drain and spreading the awful smell.

1. You must regularly ventilate your bathroom. Proper ventilation is required to avoid odours. Fresh airflow will contribute to the freshness of the bathroom. Aeration will help even in case of moisture accumulation. It would help if you have an adequate ventilation system, or even simpler, to open the window at least once a day dramatically reduces odours.

2. You must clean all drains regularly. An unpleasant smell in the bathroom occurs when the water from the sink does not evaporate quickly enough or when the installation pipes are not well placed. Also, over time, hair, dirt and soap residue can clog, and in this case, it is advisable to disinfect the drain and all drain pipes continually. There are various chemical pipe blowers that you can buy in most shops but also in your household.

3. If you feel it is necessary, consider replacing the drain. By buying a new, preferably quality drain, you can get rid of unpleasant smells in the long run. The floor drains also reflected in the fact that if there are a pipe burst and water outlet, it diverts excess water into the sewer and thus prevents flooding. The floor drain is a very important element in every bathroom. Each drain in its siphon has a water stopper that prevents odours. When the water from the siphon evaporates, the odour from the sewage is unpleasant.

4. Before moving on to radical methods and further looking for deep-seated causes of odours, you have to flush the sewer. The reason for this situation is often the decomposed grease and other organic waste that accumulates on the sewer pipe walls. Just wash the system with a unique solution and freshness will reign in the bathroom. You can do this by using powders, granules and liquids produced by a modern industry that have potent effects.

5. If you are not in a position to buy and apply one such product, we recommend a homemade recipe for solving this problem. Pour the rock salt into the drainage hole, then rinse the hose with plenty of hot water. Two tablespoons of baking soda are diluted in a litre of warming water. Then this liquid is immediately poured into the drain. The baking soda is poured into the sewer, after which the vinegar is added. The combination of these two substances causes a violent reaction by creating a large amount of foam, which contributes to the cleaning and disinfection of the drainage system.

6. If you experience the problem described in this article immediately after moving into a new apartment or completing repairs to an old one, the reason for the smell of the sewer in the bathroom should be found in the improper installation of the drainage system pipes. There is a manual, according to which the drain is designed and installed in an apartment or private house. Violation of individual requirements leads to the fact that the water used is stagnant in the pipes, and there is an odour that enters the space through loose joints. Avoid drinking tap water in your bathroom.

Various preparations, filters, check valves, a thousand do-it-yourself solutions, from trying to clog the drain, put on foil, put on a sponge, and smells still there? Therefore, when you regularly clean your bathroom and still smell unpleasant, it is time to set aside strong chemicals. Contact a professional who will recommend the ideal solution for your bathroom and thus resolve any further inconvenience.

Regularly ventilating the toilet will keep the room fresh and at the same time reduce moisture and reduce odours. Automatically collect the hair that may be found in your sink after combing your hair or shaving your beard because the accumulated hair at one point will lead to complete clogging. The water will not be able to flow freely, and at some point, you will need to replace the siphon, which is designed to prevent odours coming from underground pipes. If a blockage occurs, try a variety of industrial tools that have proven effective. If you do not buy different products, you can always try some of the above recipes whose ingredients you already have in the house. And in the end, don’t bother doing everything yourself because you can make the situation even more problematic.


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