Best way to hang outdoor string lights

Lighting is an important segment of interior and exterior decoration, and it well raises overall comfort. Decorative lighting is an important part of a good atmosphere, fun, or relaxation after a hard day. Examples of decorative lighting are various. Lightening can be in the form of gorgeous chandeliers, wall or floor lamps, strip lamps, etc. What they have in common is that they have a function of a more efficient nature. They exist to give the space a different dimension, a romantic note, while making it more lively, beautify, and ennoble. The magical power of such lighting provides the space with a new meaning. It throws the focus of our eye on a part that exudes beauty, warmth, or some importance. Sometimes the intensity and amount of light are significant, especially when that directional light is supposed to emphasize a certain thing, such as the case, for example: with painting, sculpture, fountain texture of a relief wall, etc. “When I sit on a train traveling, I always see these strings of electricity out the window. It’s so beautiful and poetic that they connect the pylons, but at the same time, they divide the landscape. I wanted to translate this into interior architecture, “Michael Anastassiades.

Decorative lighting to achieve two goals

The first is that the decoration itself draws attention, and to shift the focus to what it illuminates or the second one has the task of bringing a bit of “color” to some corner. You can combine “normal” and decorative lighting, so you get more layers of light, and the lighting itself will be more functional and practical. The trick is in balance. We recommend that you plan the switch positions so that you do not get into the situation of getting up frequently to turn the light on or off. “The color temperature of the bulbs is much farther into the soft white range than, say, and more traditional incandescent bulb.” – Justin Park, Product Tester.

How to hang it

In this article, we will focus on the string lights hanging ideas, how to make your space as comfortable as possible. The so-called. outdoor “string lights” can operate on the principle of solar energy, battery, or electricity. If you are thinking of buying string lights, try to find what is the best color for the string lights. In addition, they can be used at any time of the year, e.g., you can gather friends in your “little paradise” during the summer sipping cocktails right by the pool with light music under the string lights, or for Halloween, why not? And just sipping an evening coffee or tea in the back yard or grilling can turn into a perfect enjoyment of the beautiful setting. The wire for which the bulbs are hooked is also an essential element. You should use the cord tight as possible to avoid bending in the middle. There are also so-called “inline sockets” that guarantee that the lamps do not swing in the wind and thus do not flicker, or ignite and shut down, which will extend their life. The outside wire light must withstand rain, snow, sun, and wind, so there are many factors to consider while hanging this type of lightening. Depending on the power socket, the number of bulbs on the wire also depends, so 1200w models allow up to 24 bulbs of 50w power. Economical LED bulbs can be used for this purpose, which gives a fairly powerful light effect and, at the same time, represents a minor impact on your pocket, so why not raise environmental awareness? Here we present some creative ideas on how to make “string light” to give you the charm and unforgettable hedonistic moments to remember. But keep in mind you should know for how long string lights last.

Light the space above the garden furniture

Let your garden in the summer and spring replace the living room. Equip it with lovely pieces of garden furniture, and above, you can hang bulbs in a row. Make your garden your little paradise. Why not have dinner in the backyard with a muted atmosphere, a glass of good wine, and lighted candles as a replacement for the dining room?

Wrap a “string light” around the tree

Do you own a beautiful oak or a row of birch trees in your yard? Make them even more grandiose. Embrace the cord with the bulbs and let their beauty “not sleep” at night.

“String light” on a wooden plank fence

If your yard is fenced in with wooden planks, and you look in the direction of that monotony every day, use a little creativity and give a smack to something that seems so “dead.” Turn the situation to your advantage. Get a set of some natural material or make it from pallets, throw pillows, add pots, and install a row of bulbs in the background that will breathe life into the place.

Night swimming

For those who have a pool in their garden who prefer a night swim or just enjoy the water, we recommend hanging the bulbs above the pool.

Luminous sky

Let the rows of light bulbs stretch from the beginning to the end of the yard right next to each other, making your brightest sky in your little oasis.

Shiny ivy

You can attach the bulb wires all over the ivy, or create some form of e.g., heart. May the night not stifle the beauty of your ivy.

Light swing

While you are counting stars in a knit swing, you can add a bit of romance to that thickness. Turn the wire light between on the trees of the tree for which the swing is hooked or slip it between the branches and enjoy that magical moment that brings you back to childhood.

Grape Chandelier

If a vine grows above your terrace, create a small starry sky or make a rustic chandelier.

Picnic rustic overhang

Make the space between the trees a substitute for a dining table and a place to serve dinner. It would be great to have a wooden table with two benches that you will install between the trees to make the overall ambiance as natural as possible while there is a wire with bulbs hanging between the trees.

String light with colorful flags

Pick a row of lights on the string and then a row of colorful flags in a row. Besides breaking the boredom, you’ll also get a new dimension of lighting.

Light the fence

No matter if the fence of your home is wrought iron, wooden tarp, metal, or other material. Simply pull the wire and make it look brighter.


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