Bright lamps for living room

For your home to be beautiful and comfortable, in addition to quality and functional furniture, excellent carpentry, various decorative details, do not forget about the lighting that can make your favorite corner where you spend free time more comfortable to relax. This time, the most significant focus is on the room where you probably spend all the free time you have, which is the living room. In this room, in addition to relaxing, you also receive guests, so it is imperative that they feel as comfortable in it as you are.

You should pay particular attention to the appropriate choice of lightbulbs for lamps, ceilings, or chandeliers. Most importantly, when it comes to choosing adequate lighting in your living room, it is important to match it to the dimensions of your room. If your ceilings are high, we recommend a ceiling light or a chandelier with stronger lighting, and vice versa. Also, depending on how the windows are set up, or more precisely, the amount of daylight entering the room depends on how much auxiliary lighting you will place. In places in the living room that are slightly farther from the window, additional lamps are needed to match and provide sufficient light.

When you want to put the focus on something like a painting, a fireplace, a particular piece of furniture, you can play around a little with the different types and forms of lighting. Most people have only one way of lighting in their living room, and this can leave a boring and dark effect. In this case, you will always have the impression that something is missing and that it is too dark in that room. It is for this reason that we recommend that you insert another illumination, such as a lamp, or floor lamp, and get a completely different experience. Be careful when selecting the bulb voltage. Note how tall floor lamp should be compared to your room. Below, we will suggest some examples of floor lamps that will ideally fit into your living room. You can find the products described on Amazon, but in addition, you can always look at where to buy floor lamps.

Artiva USA

This model is a LED floor lamp made of metal that has the ability to dim. So if your light is too bright, you have the option of dimming it. The look of the lamp is sleek and sophisticated, measuring 48.0 inches x 48.0 inches x 89.0 inches. It has a 5-arch design, unique jellyfish-inspired shades, and Super Bright LED. Five thousand lumens use only 40W of energy, which means it will save you $ 60 per year. Polished nickel gives a glow to the lamp that will beautify any room. The standing is over seven ft. And thanks to that, it will draw anyone’s attention. Bulb voltage is 110 volts.

Kenroy Home

You can choose this model in two alternatives. The first variant is a table lamp with a height of 30 inches, and the second variant is a floor lamp with a height of 60 inches, It also differs in material and finishes. The choice is between bronze and brushed steel. The appearance of the lamp is specific: the stand and the bar have small details that make the overall look rich. It has a pull chain if you want to turn it on or off. It can accept up to 100 Watt bulbs or LED equivalent. Seventeen inches white linen shade tops give the natural and simple look that can fit into all kinds of designs. The bulb placed inside the lamp must have a maximum voltage of 120 volts.

IMIGY Dimmable 9W Floor Lamp

We are presenting a model that has features such as flexible gooseneck so you can adjust the light angle in the way you desire. Depending on whether you are doing something, reading books, studying, or the like, set the lamp in the direction you want it. Never adjust roughly and quickly to avoid damage. Since this LED has five levels of illumination, you can always change it depending on the atmosphere you want to create. However, the most significant advantage of this model is that it has five color temperature settings, from warm to cool white. That means from 3000K to 6500K. For example, you can set a cold white light for the work atmosphere and a warmer white color for the night light. With this model, you won’t have to get up from your chair or from the bed to set up your lighting because you’ll also get a remote control with the lamp. In addition to setting a specific white color to turn the lamp off or on, you can also set a timer via the remote lighter when you want your lamp to go off on its own. You can choose this model in two colors, white or black.

Artiva USA A51118FSN Manhattan Handcrafted Crystal Arched Floor Lamp

For all fans of modern design, this floor lamp is an excellent choice because it will add to the overall look of the room you put it in. In keeping with the five arches located on the top of the lamp and adjustable in the desired direction, it also contains five halogen 40W G9 lightbulbs. What will surely delight you is that you can connect this lamp to smart outlets such as Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Apple HomeKit through which you can turn the floor lamp on and off. A switch made of chrome and on the top are handmade crystal balls that shine in daylight. Any room that you think is not modern has a dull appearance and has a somewhat negative effect, this lamp, due to its specific appearance, will decorate it properly for sure. Each room will look more luxurious with this detail.

When it comes to light intensity, pay attention to the size of the room you want to illuminate, because even the most energetic lamp cannot illuminate a large room if it is the only type of lighting in that room. The choice in the market is excellent, and it is up to you to make it according to your needs and desires.


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