What makes a good reading lamp

Once upon a time, our ancestors had great reading lamps that provided glowing light in the color of silk. Unfortunately, today such lamps are no longer fashionable, so you will hardly find one in any home. Today, the assortment of reading lamps on the market is huge, but people often make the wrong choices. The most important thing is to know what kind of light makes the eye comfortable and the least tiring during reading, what type of lightbulbs, and how tall the reading lamp should be. Too much light can do as much damage as too little light. Strong bulbs can pretty much wear down our eyes.

People who often read or study they enjoy doing it not only at the desk but also in bed or an armchair. To provide the comfort level that suits them, they must be able to choose depending on their needs, age, and reading frequency. The myth that lamps are the only readable must be forgotten. Today’s range offers a variety of reading lamps of all shapes, readable. They are also easy to match with the furniture and design of the room.

Some of us just love to read a good book before going to bed and don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the light. Also, there is no need to illuminate the entire room as it consumes energy unnecessarily. The most appropriate lighting for reading in the bedroom is certainly night lamps that can be mounted on the wall above the bed, nightstand lamps, or clip-on lamps that are easily portable and multifunctional. Due to the fact that the light in the bedroom should not be bright, the lamp will give enough light to the reader to get the amount of light required. Choosing the right light for this room is actually more complicated than it might seem at first, because of the wide range of lamps you can choose from. Large floor lamps are perfect for reading.

These luminaires come in a variety of technologies, such as lamps, LEDs and halogen bulbs, in various shapes, colors and material combinations, designed by top designers. Regardless of its shape, design, and color, the reading lamp must be of adequate strength so as not to damage its vision. In order to achieve the harmony of the design of the space in which we place the lamp, we need to consider a few factors. Before going shopping, it must be decided on where this lamp will be placed. Only then can we search for a specific lamp that will best suit our needs.

Never make a big contrast in lighting between the part of the room you are reading and the rest of the room, because our eyes fly from the pages of books we read to the rest of the room, and this transition from a brightly lit area to a dark or dull part of the room is by no means suitable for our eyes. Some experts advise a translucent shade of light as you read because it diffuses light up and away.

Another very interesting option for this space intended for reading books is hanging lamps, more specifically dome lamps, which are placed above a chair or couch for reading. Consider also the fact that these lamps, which will be located next to a chair, sofa, or armchair, mostly generate focused light, so the technology of these lamps is fundamental. Not only because you have to choose a specific light intensity, but also that the lamp must be appropriately positioned concerning the eye level when reading.

Some people like to read at the table or desk the most. The global market offers different shapes, colors, and designs of table lamps, among which you will surely find what suits you. There is a convenient offer product related to table lighting. Classic table lamps, square lamps, or ball or animal lamps – feel free to choose the product that best suits you. Table lamps are also based on focused light because all the light they create is intended to fall into a specific area. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting it to provide adequate light. Before choosing the right lamp for your reading space, pay attention to the intensity of the light, the furniture the lamp should fit in, and, last but not least, you need to make sure that you have adequate comfort as far as your eyes are concerned.

Getting into bed with a good book is definitely the right way to relax at the end of the day. However, you may have difficulty falling asleep afterward, which may be due to the frequency of blue light. This light is produced by electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and e-readers and can affect your body and your natural sleep rhythm. Reduce exposure to blue light by using ” healthy ” LED bulbs in your night lamps. While using patented technology, these bulbs produce 2700 Kelvin warm light, similar to ordinary bulbs and no blue light. Think about you should be reading in bed, as that has so many advantages and disadvantages. You should know how many lumens for a reading lamp is necessary if you want to avoid damaging your eyes.

So, to summarize, there is no specific answer to what makes a good reading lamp because it depends on many mostly individual factors. How often do you like to read or study, in what position do you do it, how old are you, how big is the room in which you read books, what is the lighting in that room outside your reading lamp, do you change rooms and positions frequently and so on.

Many lamps that have a flexible pole are the ideal solution. The wrong choice of reading lamp can negatively affect your health, more specifically, your vision. For this reason, consider everything before deciding which lamp and lightbulb to buy.

When you consider everything, you can start exploring the right choice for you. If you have the financial means, it would be a good idea to buy a quality lamp that will serve you for a long time.


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