What is the best material for a comforter

Our comforters represent, at the same time, elegance and simplicity in every modern room. The comforters are multi-use. Besides the fact it is designed to be on the top of the bed, you can use it while you are sitting on the sofa and watching a movie. If you have decided to buy a new one, there are some things you should consider before making a choice.  

First thing, pay attention to the word comforter itself. The root of the word is comfort. So, the leading service that should provide is comfort. There are different patterns, as well as colors, and it will give you more choices to choose from. A comforter will protect quilts and pillows from dust throughout the day, so you can express the style you prefer in the interior. Choose a comforter according to the temperature of your room and the properties of it. We are all different, and our needs are different. Some have a lot of warmth of their own, while others will not mind if covered with a comforter. Therefore, when choosing it, it is also essential to consider the characteristics of your body temperature. There are comforters of different weight and heat that they can provide, and when choosing the right one for yourself, consider whether you are don’t mind being a little cold, or if you are often hot. Remember to pay attention to your room temperature.

We would like to remind you that you can always choose between a single comforter and the comforter set. If you decide on the second option, then you should know what the benefits of the comforter sets are, and we are sure that your room will be stunningly decorated. Before choosing the right material of the comforter, you should know what the right size for your bed is.

Standard dimensions

You maybe didn’t know, but most of the time, it is not easy to find the right size of the comforters for your bed. It is not that rare that some manufactures often add some inches here or there. If you buy a new one online, don’t be surprised if it is smaller than you thought, or bigger. But, anyway, there are some standard sizes that can be your guidelines.

Crib – the bed size mattress is 28 by 52 inches, standard comforter widths are 28 to 36 inches, and the lengths are 46 to 52 inches.

Twin – the bed size mattress is 39 by 75 inches, standard comforter widths are 66 to 68 inches, and the lengths are 86 to 88 inches.

Double – the bed size mattress is 53 by 75 inches, standard comforter widths are 81 to 84 inches, and the lengths are 86 to 88 inches.

Queen – the bed size mattress is 60 by 80 inches, standard comforter widths are 86 to 88 inches, and the lengths are 96 to 100 inches.

King – the bed size mattress is 76 or 78 by 80 inches, standard comforter widths are 102 inches, and the lengths are 86 to 88 inches.

California King – the bed size mattress is 72 by 84 inches, standard comforter widths are 107 to 110 inches, and the lengths are 96 to 98 inches.

Various materials

Now, when you know what the right size for your bed is, you can choose between different materials that are on the market today. You should take into consideration the room temperature, your body temperature, what level of maintenance you are ready to follow. Don’t forget how important it is to know how to wash a comforter if you want to prolong its life span and if you are thinking about your health, first of all. But, let us go back to choosing the right material for you. There are various options, and we would like to present it to you, one by one.

1. Bamboo

If you do a little research, you will conclude that a Bamboo comforter is option number one to many people. It has astonishing properties that produce a pleasant feel. It will provide you with softness and breath-ability. It has a woven construction that allows the air to pass back and forth. This feature is essential because it creates even warmth without hot spots. It is the first choice because it is breathable, fluffy, silky, it is good for the partners who sleep differently, and the price is reasonable.

2. Down

This is a common choice between the buyers. If you didn’t know, a down is a fiber that lies beneath the protective feather that covers gooses and ducks. People were using down for many years for this purpose to keep them warm. This material is a perfect choice if you live in extremely cold areas. You will get a puffy feeling, it will keep you warm, but on the other side, a quality one can be very expensive, and most of them are not ethically harvested.

3. Silk

Silk is a luxurious material and one of the best options. Having this type of comforter will provide you some benefits. It is a hypoallergenic, highly breathable material; it is not processed with chemicals. It will absorb a lot of moisture, and it is silky, wrinkly, overpriced, and it has durability issues.

4. Wool

High-quality wool can be really expensive, but if you are looking for a comforter to keep you warm because the room temperature is very low, then this is the right choice for you. It has a unique texture. This is not an option for the summer.  There are no many high-quality woolen comforters.

5. Cotton

This is one of the most common comforters you can find. Cotton is a widely used fiber in the world. It has smooth and soft touch. It can absorb a lot of sweat and moisture. It will help your body to be cool and comfy. But because it is widely used, it is hard to find a good cotton comforter. Most of them that are on the market are low-quality ones and cheap.


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