What is the best material for sheets to keep you cool

Are you not sleeping well at night? Rolling over the bed, sweating, feeling you don’t have enough air, and warming up even more under the sheets you use? Then you are not using the appropriate fabrics that are intended for warm nights, those nights under the starry sky and high temperatures. Many of us are unaware of the fact that some materials are not intended to be used in those warm months and not only in terms of bedding but also the clothes we wear. When it comes to buying the most comfortable bedding, we need to adjust it to the current air temperature. For those who live in parts of the world where the climate is variable, where the summers are warm and the winters very cold, it is recommended to buy at least two sheets of different materials. Prefer natural, breathable materials, as opposed to synthetic ones that do not allow ventilation. Considering how the average person sweats almost half a litre of sweat during the night, you must have bedding made of materials that will not affect your body so that you sweat even more. In addition to room temperature, bedding material plays a decisive role in waking up to sudden heat or shivering. Do not use linen made of polyester or other synthetic materials that are known to retain heat. Although silk and satin are smooth and comfortable materials, they do not provide excellent airflow. Quilts, sheets, pillows and other bedding may contain artificial fibres that irritate the skin. If your sheets or pillows cause redness or skin rashes, then reach for natural materials.

We offer several different types of natural materials to help you cool down on warm summer nights, encourage you to rest and relax.

Linen is a comfortable fabric which was very popular in the past among the buyers. It passes air to your body and thus prevents sweating. Flax has one drawback, it easily and quickly wrinkles, but that doesn’t matter during the summer nights anyway. Flax fibre is obtained from the middle of the plant. Natural flax fibre is thicker than cotton fibre. In the warm season, the material helps you to stay fresh and cosy. Linen linen is ideal in any season. You might find sheets and linen made with linen at your grandmother’s house. This natural material was used for making so many different things, such as costumes and tablecloths and linens. If your bedding needs to be mirror-flat – flax may not be the right choice.

Percale is a type of fabric with a large number of knots and a specific way of weaving and can be made of a number of different materials. This, in itself, should convince you that it is a high-quality product. However, percale may or may not be 100% cotton but a combination of cotton and polyester. So read the declaration carefully and, if you want cotton linens, make sure the composition is 100% cotton. A percale is called a woven cloth that has at least 80 threads / cm². Bedding made from this fabric is ideal for summer conditions.

Bamboo fibre is exceptionally breathable, regulates heat and provides a pleasant fresh feeling. Allergy sufferers who have respiratory problems throughout the year will be delighted with bamboo and bamboo products. With its unique micro-structure, bamboo fibre covers can absorb and evaporate sweat in a few seconds. Such materials will give you an enjoyable cooling sensation and, by this, it has a positive effect on reducing excessive sweating during sleep. Bamboo absorbs moisture better than cotton.

Microfiber is a material consisting of the finest polymer fibres. The bedding of this material is soft and smooth. Microfiber is comfortable for the body due to its silky and smooth texture. The thin fibres of the material have a porous structure, which causes the fabric to absorb excess moisture and evaporate quickly. Bedding sets cannot be washed in hot water or dried by various heat sources. It should be dried naturally, indoors or outdoors. Avoid ironing with the type of material.

The natural Tencel blanket provides excellent breathability while absorbing moisture and returning it into space in your room. Tencel is an advanced fibre made from natural cellulose, soft to the touch, comfortable for the skin, while correctly absorbing sweat and moisture and evenly returning it to the room with an excellent thermoregulation system. Tencel is a type of cellulose fibre made from wood.

Organic cotton is grown naturally without the use of chemicals. That is why organic cotton linens are safe for our health. Organic cotton is produced in a natural, eco-friendly way. It is naturally soft and breathable, which is why it is an ideal bedding material. It has the effect of cooling in summer while providing warmth and comfort in winter. Suitable for sensitive skin. Unfortunately, most fabrics made from cotton nowadays use different chemicals which make the material rough and of poor quality. For this reason, organic cotton is a better solution.

Egyptian cotton has become popular globally. Those who have Egyptian cotton linen say there is nothing more beautiful and softer than this linen. The length of the fibres causes a higher number of threads, so this linen is of better quality than the others. This linen will last you years. Unlike ordinary Egyptian cotton can be hand-washed only, which guarantees its absolute and organic purity.

At the very end, any type of bedding will do no wonder to cool you down like an air conditioner, but it can help you to wake up in the morning without being bathed in your own sweat. We are all different, and we all have different needs. Someone has more or less sensitive skin, someone is more or less sweating, and accordingly, the requirements are individual. It is up to you to determine what type of bedding is best for you during hot summer nights, but some materials are better than others for such purposes.

Quality bedding can make a huge difference in your life, because resting will make it easier to face the new challenges that life brings.


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