How to keep fitted sheets from coming off the bed

We all know how important it is to have fitted sheets under us while lying down or sleeping on the bed. Apart from protecting the mattress, it also prevents us from touching the mattress with our skin, which is essential for several reasons. Namely, all mattresses are made of materials that do not give such a comfortable touch to our skin. One or two nights spent directly on the mattress are not a problem, but every night is not recommended. Since we cannot put the bed in the machine and wash it, the accumulated moisture and sweat from our bodies as well as the remains of our dead skin cells that fall out, bugs, as well as the accumulated bacteria and viruses will remain on the same mattress. Buying and using fitted sheets is always recommended for many reasons, and for many other reasons.

All people who use fitted sheets, when reading online comments, love this detail of their bedding. They say it is comfortable and soft and would never be mistaken for flat sheets. It is considered by many to be very practical and facilitates and streamlines the process of putting linens on the bed. While others think that this part of the bedding gives them a headache when laying on the bed, especially when they wake up during the night and fitted sheets are pulled from half the bed or wrapped around their legs. Who else likes to get out of bed in some half-hearted way to impose this detail and return to sleep and into their dreams. It is very tiring and raises anxiety, and people who usually have trouble sleeping or have a very shallow sleep often cannot sleep after that step, but remain awake until some point. In fact, what is it about?

It often happens that people buy the wrong dimensions of their bedding or just this piece of linen. Given that this part has elastic corners, if it is too big for your bed, it will hang and be useless, and if it is too small, you will not be able to pull it out and pull it onto your bed. In doing so, people often wash their bedding and dry it in drying machines at temperatures higher than allowed, so the fitted sheet is reduced accordingly, and they are not able to put it on the bed, but it falls off the mattress. The first step to avoiding potential anxiety and wake-ups during the night is to choose the right dimensions. In some of our earlier posts, we told you what the standard sizes are for fitted sheets and flat sheets. It wouldn’t be too bad to repeat them. Standard dimensions for fitted sheet are: Twin 39 x 80 x 14 inches, Twin XL 39 x 80 x 14 inches, Full 54 x 76 x 15 inches, Queen 60 x 80 x 15 inches, King 73 x 80 x 15 inches and Cal -King 73 x 85 x 15 inches. So, according to the size of your mattress, choose the right size of fitted sheets if the dimensions of your bed do not meet the standard, measure and select what would be of use to you. If you can’t find what works for you, you can always sow, and it will be perfect.

We urge you to stop washing your bedding or drying it at high temperatures because it will reduce the dimensions and the linen will be useless. Each article has its own label stating on how many degrees of celsius the washing is allowed to do and whether or not it should go to the dryer. These labels are not there for no reason, so use them accordingly.

The rest of our advice would be how to use small tricks and accessories that will allow your fitted sheet to stay in the same place and stop going off the mattress, whether one or more people are sleeping on the same bed. Imagine that paradise where once you put in a washed and dry fitted sheet it does not move from the mattress until you decide to take it off and put it on for washing and drying.

Maybe you are putting it in the wrong way. Please take a look at the reverse side of it because one of the four corner pockets fill have a tag into the inside seam, and that pocket should remain over the bottom of the left corner of your bed. Also, if your fitted sheet doesn’t have the right depth and your mattress is to tick, the edges of the sheet will slip of always—That’s why all dimensions are super important.

What you can certainly afford to avoid having your fitted sheet move and slide off the mattress is to buy some suspenders. You can find the same online in some online stores at very low prices in multiple variations and versions. You can find some stretchy bends or you can use zipping sheets for babies and kids.

You can attach the suspenders to the corners and thus create a little more tension at that angle and therefore remain in place. You can also find a version which has three buckles, on either side of the corner as well as under the mattress. These buckles can be plastic or metal. If you choose this version, keep in mind that to set this, you need to lift your mattress, so if it is too massive, you will need a little help. Another version is long brackets which will require you to turn the mattress to the other side each time you put on the fitted sheet. These brackets hang diagonally. If all this seems too complicated, you can also create your own version where you will need elastic and safety pins. Keep your elastic on the thicker side, and you’ll need four for each corner. Lift the edge of the mattress to secure the elastic with safety pins on all sides.

There are so many different options. It’s up to you to find which one works best for you.


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