How to secure garbage cans from blowing away

All those who live in parts of the world where the wind is frequent, tedious and robust know how hard and frustrating it can be to collect garbage in the yard and in the street constantly. Yes, the wind blows away the trash can, it rolls it over, and the trash spills all over. In fact, this is also very common in places where the wind is not so frequent but occasional. That battle with the wind can be so annoying, but with a little logic and skill, you can win it. With a few tricks, this problem will be resolved forever.

Tip # 1

This trick is somehow the most logical and most uncomplicated. If you have a trash can with a lid on top, try the following. Put the bin in some corner of the yard where it won’t be able to move in many directions, possibly in two instead of all four directions. Close the bin lid and put something heavy on the top, so that the thing you put on the bin lid is at least half as heavy as the bin itself. Positioning the garbage can in the corner plus placing a heavy object on top of the bin should prevent it from moving, and therefore prevent your garbage from spilling over your yard.

Tip # 2

Another trick to keep your garbage container from blowing away also involves disabling it to move in any direction, but this time in a slightly different way. You will need to buy D-rings and attach them to the wall from the gate, or from your house or garage. You will need the essential tool for this process. Drill holes in the wall into which you will put the dowels and screws so that you can hang the D-rings. After attaching it to the wall, it’s time to find or buy the bungee cables you will need to ensure that the bin can be attached to that wall. The wires must be wrapped around the back of the trash can. When you need to move the container, it will make it very easy as this trick will not forever attach your bin to the wall, but you will be able to remove the cables whenever you want.

Tip # 3

If you are motivated, you can do something creative and a little more complicated than the procedures described above in the article. This way will solve the problem for eternity. Decide which place in your yard or outside your home will forever be reserved exclusively for the trash can. At this point, you will build a frame of bricks, concrete or wood into which you can insert your can. If you decide to do this, the first step is to take the dimensions of your garbage can because the obstacle you are going to build must be slightly larger than the garbage bin itself, as the goal is to put it all inside. Which frame you will create depends on your home exterior. If material on and around your home is dominated by wood, then you can also make a binned frame out of wood. If concrete and bricks are visible, then the bin frame should be in that style as well. After you have made a mark on the location where the frame will build on, determined the dimensions, you now need to buy the right material and use a bit of skill to finish the process. The whole process is not complicated and will take you one full day, probably. What is one day versus the constant annoyance about this problem? Since the built frame will be static, it will prevent your garbage can from moving in any direction. At the same time, you can easily pull out the same bin whenever you need it. It should be emphasized that the frame should have a lid so that you do not get into a situation where the bin is static, and the lid of the bin is not, so in stronger wind, the lid opens and the garbage spills again everywhere.

Tip # 4

Our next tip is on how to prevent your trash can from moving when it is empty. So far, we have talked about avoiding a full garbage bin from moving in mid or slightly higher winds, as well as preventing the bin from opening and allowing the garbage to move around. What to do when you throw the trash out of the bin, and the bin remains empty, and the wind starts to blow? The answer is straightforward, you can add a few bricks, or some 10lbs weight at the bottom of your trash can and the problem will be solved. Keep that weight at the bottom of the bucket all the time, so it can help prevent the bucket from moving even when it is full.

Tip # 5

There is another way that may be helpful for you to resolve this issue. Drill two holes large enough at the back of the garbage can lid to allow the chain to slip through them. Then find two chains that will reach up to one-third the height of the bin. Buy or find a heavier wooden plank whose weight will make impossible for the bin to move around. Run the chains through the drilled holes in the lid and let them hang so tight. Then drill holes in the board that will be screwed with specific hardware that will be able to connect to the chains. And at the very end, connect everything. This procedure will prevent the bucket from moving but will not prevent the bucket lid from opening in the wind.

There are ways to solve the problem, only your motivation to resolve the problem matters. In addition to the wind, there are our pets that can play with the garbage can. Just find a way how to keep dogs out of trash. If your garbage can is in your garage to, prevent your dog from sneaking around, you need to find a way to keep garbage can from smelling in the garage. And finally, if your bin is inside the house more accurately in your kitchen, buy the best kitchen garbage can that will prevent the smell from spreading around the house and will be stable enough to make it impossible for a dog or even a human to flip it accidentally.


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