How to keep garbage can from smelling in garage

How many times you entered in your beautiful front yard (especially in summer) and suddenly you felt unpleasant, high-intensity smell incoming from the garbage can? Exactly. Annually, Americans produce over 300 million tons of garbage. The big number, isn’t it? Most of that is food waste which can be really hazardous for health because when food starts to rot, bacteria which are created in that process can be harmful to your health. Also, this is one of the main reasons why your garbage can starts to smell bad and with it, the whole garage.

Closed trash fulfilled with rotten food in less of 24h will start to stink worse than a public toilet, and it will also attract many uninvited guests such as flies and other insects. Most people tend to place their garbage cans in the garage without any preparation. But if you want to enjoy sitting in your garden, drinking coffee on your porch or you want to keep nice relations with your neighbours, this is the right article for you. Usually, people avoid other places to hold their trash cans, like backyards, because they don’t like to think that others can see their garbage or because the law forbids that. Or it’s too complicated, and they have to make extra effort to bring them to the street for pick up. A garbage can is much more secured in the garage from your dogs who love to investigate what you ate late, so it’s the right choice to keep your dogs out of trash. Also, because it’s closed space, it’s much easier to secure garbage can from blowing away in the garage. Anyhow, garage is traditionally the most commonplace for holding garbage cans. But the garage is also the most commonplace for keeping other stuff. Like boxes with children’s old toys and old clothes, for example. And exactly these kinds of things tend to absorb other strong smells from outside sources like garbage. Let’s see how we can avoid this kind of problems.

Tip # 1

For the beginning, we’ll assume that you put a bag in your trash can first or that you dispose of your garbage in trash bags, and then you throw them in the garbage can. You can buy it in every supermarket. If not, do it! It will prevent the garbage to leak inside of trash can and it will less or more prevent stink to spread around. Especially high-quality bags, made from ticker materials, because they will more successfully trap smells inside plus they can prevent the sharp thing from penetrating bag and let garbage and smells to spread from a bag and further to your garage.

Tip # 2

If the content of the bag finds its way through the bag somehow, it would be awesome if whenever you get your trash can empty, you take bleach and clean trash can totally from inside. If you do it regularly you will get rid off smells in your garage from the garbage can plus your garbage can be disinfected from bacterias. It would also be good if you let it dry on sunlight because on that way you can be sure it’s disinfected from bacterias.

Tip # 3

In the same way, you can use a combination of dishwashing detergent, baking powder and lemon juice. First, you rub inside of your trash can with a mix of baking powder and dishwashing soap and leave it for a while. After, mix lemon juice and little of dishwashing soap and wipe it. In the end, wash it out.

Tip # 4

Favourite housewives trick is probably the usage of baking powder alone; Except for its basic purpose, it can be used for many helpful household tricks. This one is very simple – just spread some baking powder on the bottom of your trash can, and leave it there. It will neutralise unpleasant smells, and you won’t have to worry about them anymore. Same with the cat sand or the kitty litter. Because its main ingredient is clay, it is perfect because of absorbs liquid and smells. If you have unused kitty litter, sprinkle it on bottom of the garbage can and you are done.

Tip # 5

For the same purpose, you can use dryer sheets. Just grab a few dryer sheets and put it inside of trash can. They will provide enough scent inside and around the garbage can. But all of these solutions are less or more temporary.

Tip # 6

This one is a more temporary solution. For it, you will need piece of cotton ball and some essential oil. A cotton ball with oil on it will mask unpleasant smells. It is enough to soak a cotton ball in essential oil and after to put it on the bottom of the trash can, under garbage bag. On that way, it will release a gentle cloud of essential oil between unpleasant smells, so the oil will spread its pleasant smell in the interior of a trash can and outside of it. There are a few essential oils which have some other advantages except good smell. Lemongrass oil gives natural balance to bad smells, it neutralises them. Tea tree oil and mint oil have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it will keep your garbage can disinfect. If you use neem oil, it will keep cockroaches and other insects away from your trash.

Except for these pieces of advice, we can mention few basics – keep your garbage can away from heat source and Sun. Try to compost rests of food as much as possible and not throw it in the trash can, so things like old food, dairy products, bread etc. will not rot in your garbage can and on that way, bad smells will not spread all over your garage. You can also consider buying of scented garbage bags, but still, sometimes you can’t avoid spreading of garbage and its smells inside of trash can and around it. That’s why it is important to empty and maintain garbage can as often as possible. Try to buy the best kitchen garbage can throw things you don’t want to have in the bin in your garage.


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