Do dryer sheets repel bed bugs?

Bed bugs can enter your home seamlessly and quickly through luggage, travel bags, clothes, used beds and other items. Their slim body shape allows them to slip into tiny cracks everywhere. Bed bugs do not have nests like ants or bees, but they are usually found in groups in hidden places such as mattresses, bedsheets, wooden beds, headboards, bed frames and paintings, parquet mouldings. They generally range within three to six feet of the bed and seating area. They are trapped in the smallest pores of furniture where they can easily reach their food source.

Over time, they can move from the bedroom to cracks or other protected areas. They can also be expanded into adjacent rooms or apartments. The reason for the appearance of bed bugs is not always due to unclean behaviour, they can be found in impeccably clean objects as well as dirty ones. Certainly, tidy room maintenance can help reduce the number of locations where they can be hidden.

During the day, these bugs are calm and not so easy to spot, and during the night they are most active. They feed on our blood. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide of our breathing, and on that basis, they know when we are sleeping and when we are awake. They bite those parts of the body that were discovered during sleep. The bite leaves an unpleasant itching, and they can transmit various infectious diseases, skin rashes, allergic reactions and psychological problems. They are very resistant and can last up to half a year without food. At temperatures as low as fifteen degrees celsius, they stand still, so all of you who sleep in extremely cold conditions don’t have to worry about this. These bugs are able to hibernate for up to two years, and their propagation is very efficient and fast.

Since bed bugs will be very difficult to spot in or around the bed, pay attention to the bites on your body. Symptoms are characteristic changes on the skin, very small and bloody spots on your bedding, black spots that represent faeces on the mattress and under the mattress, skin debris that remains after the bugs have worn off, as well as a stale odour that causes the glands found in adult bugs on the thoracic region.

People, when they notice or think they saw bed bugs have formed in their room or on their bedding, tend to panic in most cases. Nervousness and panic are normal reactions since completely destroying these bugs is a rather tedious job and a long job. Killing this type of insects is a complex process and starts with cleaning the places where they live. Cleaning the infected areas will be helpful in controlling bed bugs, but their extermination usually requires expert chemical treatment – disinsection against them. Many people and experts recommend that all bedding be thrown away, as well as mattresses and pillows, and only then call the expert people in charge of these processes.

The opinion of the rest is that bed bugs can be repelled and destroyed in the dryer while our bedding is getting dry in combination with dryer sheets. Is that true?

One of the most common mistakes in treating bed bugs is not recognizing all the possible places where they can hide. There are two methods to get rid of these annoying bugs: chemical and mechanical methods. Mechanical can include vacuuming, steam treatment, dry ice, heat treatment, freezing. The most effective of these methods are vacuuming and heat treatment. Vacuuming can significantly reduce the population of the bugs, but chemical treatment is still required after vacuuming to eliminate any well-hidden ones. Heat treatment is perhaps the most effective method, because at temperatures above 48 ° C, eggs and all stages of the bugs will die within a short time. However, this method is combined with chemical treatment, since it is necessary to first treat the insecticide with all possible exits and pathways of the pups that become incredibly active at high temperature. Heat treatments, no matter how effective, have their downsides, and it can last from 8 up to 12 hours.

On the other side, dryer sheets are a surprisingly important part of the entire laundry process. People claim that using the dryer sheets, in addition, to get rid of or repel the bed bugs may be based on the fact that the linen with this addition will have a very strong odour. Because these bugs use carbon dioxide, which insects use to identify their host, and this supplement eliminates carbon dioxide. So, using dryer sheets while washing your bedding can repel bed bugs in your bed, reduce odours, and prevent worsening, but it is not possible to permanently destroy them this way.

In this way, you can cause even more significant damage to their occurrence and spread to other places, so you do not have to rely solely on this method. If you do not want to call in experts and you feel that your problem with this type of insect is not that great, try some of the other methods.

Vacuuming the bed and everywhere you think these bugs can be found will help you to get rid of some adult individuals and their eggs.

Diatomaceous Earth – DE powder is one method more. It would be best if you sprinkled this powder wherever you think bugs are and leave for three days so that it works properly. Avoid touching this powder and sleeping in the rooms where you left it operating.

Clean up any cracks you have in the room, wash your bedding in high temperature if possible with the addition of bleach, and then dry it in a high-temperature tumble dryer.

Using different oils, such as lavender oil, can be useful in some situations.

These steps and methods are useful in some cases, while in others, they are not, especially if you have a thick mattress. Our recommendation is to invite experts to do the work for you and to make sure that you have no more problems with these attacks.


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